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Mistress Alice wanted this slave to know that she was capable of anything and that she could punish and dominate him if she wanted to. That is why she chose to make him record her as she took a shit. He was grossed out as she did it and he had to smell the poop. But he had no say in the matter so he had to do what she asked him. He never messed with her as he knew what she could do.

Queen Siya made her slave eat a stew which was full of shit. She did not make it optional for him and he was shocked at the way in which she decided to degrade and humiliate him. The mistress made sure that the guy was not only degraded, but that he was also scared. The combination was important as it would ensure that he learned his lesson and never pissed her off again.

Lady Tassia heard a lot about human toilets but today she wanted to try it for herself. She was tired of hearing about them and wanted to experience them for herself. So she got this guy and she turned him into a human toilet. He had pissed her off but she blew it out of proportion to justify what she wanted to do to him. That is how the guy found himself eating her poo.

This guy was so clueless that this mistress had no choice but to shit on him. She ensured that he ate her shit and drank her pee before she was done with him. He was shocked and could not move as the mistress degraded him. He cried and tried to beg her for mercy but she ignored him and continued dominating him. She finally told him why she had done it.

Mistress Medea found out that she had lost her job because of her ex and she did not let him know that she had known. She lured him to her house and she made him eat her shit. He was shocked to find out that she knew. He had thought he would make her suffer because of what he had done but unknown to him, she was thriving better than before as she had gotten an even better job.

Mistress Mummy had an issue with her ex and it was not even her most recent ex. He had refused to move on and he was a pain in her house. She had to try to hide from him as much as she did. And now that she was single again, she knew he would even do much more to try to get her back. She was tired of it so she let him find her and then she fed him poo to send a message that he needed to move on.

This mistress found out that her slave had been sharing info about her and that angered her. She could not imagine living with such a person and so she had to punish him. She caned his balls painfully and then made him eat her shit. He had never been through such cruel punishment but he learned the art of minding his business, keeping secrets and not betraying others especially his boss.

These mistresses took great care of their slaves and they were pissed to learn that they wanted to escape. They had a contract which they needed to adhere to and it was nearing its end. So they were shocked because they wanted to escape and breach their contract. So the mistresses turned the slaves into human toilets and they made them eat shit. The slaves regretted trying to escape and saw out their contracts.

Mistress Gaia and mistress Medea had husbands who mistreated them and they cheated on them. They had tried their best to endure it all for the sake of their marriages but now they had to stand up for themselves and they planned to do it together to give each other the courage to do it. So they lured them to this place where they shocked them with cruel torture of making them eat poo and drink pee.

When this guy was found to be a spy, this mistress knew he was the one who was behind her misery. Someone had told on her and she did not like that. She had to punish whoever that was and she had to do it cruelly. She did it with her shit as she turned the guy into a toilet slave and a toilet paper. He knew better than to be a spy.

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