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Ebony Scat Princess gets on her hands and knees with no pants on and puckers her asshole as she gets ready to take a shit. She uses her hand to hold a soft taco shell behind her ass and then she pushes with her ass and slowly fills the taco shell with her warm creamy stinky shit. She then puts it in front of you and demands that you eat every last bite of her shit taco.

Mistress Rose is a sexy mistress that has just eaten a large meal and is ready take a massive shit. She sits on a portable toilet and makes her slave lay on the floor under her ass as she puckers her ass and starts pushing and covers her slaves face with her stinky shit. She then moves out of the way and her two friends sit down and piss all over her slaves face as well.

Mistress Helena is eating breakfast when she has to take a shit and as she sits on the toilet she smokes a cigarette. While she smokes her cigarette she pushes out a large soft piece of shit out of her asshole and needs to wipe her ass with something. She takes her slaves tee shirt and uses it to wipe the shit off of her ass and leaves the shirt covered in shit. Her plan is to destroy all of his clothes by wiping with all of them.

Bizarrlady Jessica is a sexy blonde mistress that has takes a shit on a plate and then make her two male slaves get naked and kneel before her. She is mad at them for being losers and she takes her warm stinky shit and covers her face with it with her hand. She then writes pig on their chests to remind them what filthy pig losers that they really are and that they will never be anything more.

Mistress Missy is a sexy bbw scat fetish mistress that is sitting on a porta-potty chair with no bottom as she sits above her slave that is laying on the floor under her. She then puckers up her asshole and gets ready to take a massive shit on his face as he lays there and lets him mistress shit on his face. Her creamy load lands on his nose and mouth and her slave lays there and is her human toilet.

This sexy Ebony Mistress gets mad at her slave after he complains that he is hungry after she made him a big meal so she decides to feed him right. She makes him hold a tortilla shell under her bare ass and she pushes out some creamy shit into the shell. She then takes it and adds some salsa, sour cream and cheese and rolls it up and makes her slave eat every last bite of her shit burrito.

Mistress Melannie is a sexy blonde mistress that is standing over the toilet facing backwards as she slightly squats down and puckers her asshole and gets ready to take a shit. Once in position she starts pushing and the long hard log out of her asshole. She knows that you are enjoying watching her push this large log out of her asshole and then she gives you a close up of the toilet afterwards.

Mistress Rayven uses a portable toilet and makes her slave lay on the floor underneath of her bare ass. She then starts puckering her asshole as she gets ready to take a shit. Then she starts pushing and the semi-soft logs start to come out of her ass and all over her slaves face and into his open mouth with her warm piss. She then makes her slave lick her ass clean after she shits as her toilet paper.

This bbw Ebony mistress gets on her knees on her bed naked and spreads her legs apart while he slave slides a heart shaped bowl under her ass and she pushes out a warm steamy shit. She fills the bowl with her semi soft shit and makes her slave an extra special Valentines day gift that he will never ever forget, a big heart shaped bowl filled with his mistresses creamy brown shit!

Mistress Melannie is in the bathroom standing by the toilet only wearing a shirt as she bends forward and she gives the camera a close of her ass. She then uses her hands and spreads her ass apart and puckers her asshole. She starts pushing with the camera up close and starts pushing out a hard poo. She lets the camera see a close up of her ass as the shit comes out so you can enjoy the entire movement.

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