Scat Fetish Videos

Clips of sexy shitting girls

Many mistresses have a shit fetish and they like playing with their shit. But few like it the way this mistress does. She has big tits and is very naughty. Her boyfriend found her masturbating using shit. She was doing it rough and he was turned on. He bent her over and fucked her even harder in the ass and in a few minutes, she shit a whole load of crap on his hands

These mistresses are not your ordinary lesbian couple. They like to have extreme kind of fun. They like it when they do things that no ordinary person can stand or do. They had done a lot and were wondering what to do next. They decided to have steamy sex while applying shit on their bodies. They collected their shit and then smeared it on their bodies and faces and kissed with the shit on their faces and mouths.

Merica had joined a young dominas group. After her induction, she was supposed to join in the activities of her new group. First in line was humiliation of a slave. She did it expertly. There were many things she could have done to the slave but she chose to shot on the slave straight into his mouth as the other mistresses watched. They were impressed by her and cheered her on.

This mistress realized that lots of mistresses were interested in scat fetishes. She had found a way to make more money and she arranged for classes for those mistresses who wanted to try it. She had a slave who all the mistresses would try it on. The slave was not lucky since all these mistresses would shit on the poor slave. They did not give him any breathing room at all.

These mistresses are young and wild. They attract many guys but these guys mistakenly think that they are about to have wild and crazy fun with the mistresses. The shock is on them when they realize that they have been duped and the mistresses were only interested in having fun at their expense. The mistresses enjoy spitting and shitting on guys and making them to eat and/or swallow the spit or shit.

This mistress wanted to shit but her slave had not yet made the toilet which had been broken. So she decided she was not going to waste time arguing with him why he had not done it. She decided to give him an incentive to do it faster and when she was done with him, he did it in record time. She used him as her human toilet and shit and pissed on him.

These two hot mistresses are college students. They come from humble backgrounds and they wanted to have money for clothes, going out and buying expensive stuff that they saw with other girls. They decided to try scat fetish and see if it would give them money. They did it and the response grew steadily because of their dedication as well as their elegance and beauty. They got what they wanted by creating a blog for their fetish.

These young mistresses wanted to have fun like they have never had before. One of them proposed they get a slave and humiliate it. They agreed to try it since no one had ever done it before. They had fun shitting and degrading the slave and it was so much fun. It was not any fun for the slave and he was degraded and humiliated in a way he could not even wish for his worst enemy.

This plump mistress likes to do weird and nasty things. She has a fetish for poo and she does not let anything get in the way of her and her fetish. She likes to play with her shit a few times a day whenever she has the time. She likes to shit and then step on it with her feet as a treat to her many fans and admirers online.

Despite being mature, this mistress has never let go her love for scat fetish. She likes to do it anytime she feels like and when time allows. She likes to shit in a bowl and then feed her slave or do something else with it. Sometimes she shits on the bowl and then tries to make some food like cake with it and still make her slave eat it all.

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