Scat Fetish Videos

Clips of sexy shitting girls

Isabella wanted to learn English and pass her exams because she was a foreigner but this guy did not teach her enough to make her pass so she could go and study abroad. She was pissed off and decided to make him pay for it. She made him lie down and she shit into his mouth and she made him eat it. He had to do as she said or else there would be hell to pay.

Chrystal knew this guy adored his jacuzzi. So when she wanted to humiliate him, she decided to use the thing she knew he loved the most. She made him lie inside the jacuzzi and then she shit on his face. Some of it even fell in the water and he felt like dying. She made him eat the shit and he did it to avoid more of it falling in the water.

These mistresses wanted to humiliate this loser like he had never been humiliated before. They decided to turn him into their human toilet. The guys did not care about his dignity or even his health. They improvised a toilet which led to his mouth and they forced him to eat and swallow all their shit and the poor guy did as he was told because he was terrified of the mistresses.

Goddess Ryan has a kinky group of girls who love scat fetish. She was recruiting a new member and she made him lick her shit and drink her pee

This mistress wanted to find out how her poo changes with what she eats. So she would poop on a plate and check it out against what she had had that day.

To show how kinky they were and why they deserved to join the club, these three mistresses smeared shit all over themselves and licked it. Then they had lesbian fun

Goddess Ryan found someone had shitted in a public restroom she wanted to use. So she went to another one and shit on it as well

Alexa improvised her own chair where she poops. She was tired with the conventional one and had fun with her new chair

The slave was hungry and wanted a sandwich. The mistress did not mind making him one. She took two slices of bread and put shit in them and fed him

Jae pretended to have nausea then went to the bathroom and did her thing. She masturbated then played with her shit before coming out

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