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When this mistress found out that this guy was out to fuck her, she did not like that. She had to make sure he stopped thinking in those terms and that he learned how to be romantic and to get girls the old fashioned way. But instead of her letting the guy get away with it, she chose to shit on herself and she made him see the mess and be disgusted by it all.

Lady Scarlet realized early on that her professor was biased against her but she never got to know why. She did her best to pass the unit and to graduate with honors. But she never forgot what he made her go through and she had to teach him a lesson he had never been taught before. The mistress cruelly used her shit to teach him a lesson for the benefit of the other students coming after her.

Mistress Anna knew that she had to punish this guy because he was never supposed to mess with her but he had. She did not want to deal with it a second time so she used her shit to deal with him. He was forced to eat her poo and that did the trick as he knew he did not want another punishment like that so he changed his ways.

Mistress Gaia is a stickler to time and she felt that it was important for her to learn to keep time. She had tried her best to talk to him but he did not seem to listen to her and she had to change tact. She did so and had him lick her feet and when he was done, he had to eat her shit. It was not optional for him.

Mistress Mia had always wanted to put her slave in his place and she did it today with her shit. She laughed at him as he struggled to eat her shit and she felt heavenly as she did so to him. The mistress did not even care what she was putting the guy through. All she was concerned about was the fun she wanted to have by herself and not what he felt.

Goddess Antonella was owed money by this loser and she felt it was high time she got it back from him. The guy did not want to give it back and kept giving her excuses until she was fed up. The mistress had to put an end to that nonsense and she did so by forcing the guy to eat her shit and even using a huge dildo on his ass.

Mistress Iside expected this guy to be honest but she was shocked to find out that he was dishonest. She was not going to stomach that nonsense and she made sure that he ate her poo and that he drank her urine. That is what made him learn never to mess with her and he changed his ways after that. He did not want a repeat of what he had gone through.

Mistress Milana realized that this guy was a fake friend and she did not want to be surrounded by such people. So she used her shit to degrade him and she made sure that he was humiliated and that he was degraded so that he discovered the value of being a true friend. She turned him into a human toilet and he had no choice but to eat her poo and drink pee too.

Mistress Karina and her friend mistress Anna were angered when this guy spoiled their mood. He had to get what was due to him and this came in the form of being made to eat shit. That is how the mistresses taught the guy never to piss them off or spoil anyone's mood for his own fun. He tried to plead with them for mercy but they told him that he should have remembered that before he pissed them off.

Goddess Wu does not like people who misbehave and this guy was one of them. He was too playful and he ended up messing with people and even misbehaving. He misbehaved and pissed her off and as punishment, she made him drink her urine as well as eat her shit. That is what made him learn never to mess with her again as he knew what would happen if he did.

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