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Mistress Nemezis hates being misled and when this guy did it, he had to be punished. The mistress made sure that the guy was humiliated as well as degraded and she saw to it that it all happened the way she wanted. He was turned into a toilet slave and had to eat poo as well as drink pee before they could even talk about anything such as the forgiveness he wanted.

This slave had messed up but the mistresses needed to know what exactly he had done and why he had done it as well as if anyone else was involved. He did not want to talk but the mistresses used their shit to make him talk. He was turned into a shit slave and a human toilet. And by the end of the punishment, the guy told the mistresses everything.

Mistress Haley did not forget what her former professor had done to her. She did not want to let him go scot-free and that is why when they met, she had to punish him and she did it cruelly. The mistress forced him to learn his lesson by shitting on him and degrading him cruelly. He never forgot what she told him and what she did to him. He became a better professor.

This guy was a weirdo and mistress Tulip did not want to deal with anyone like that. That is why she chose to dominate the guy and she cruelly made sure that he learned his lesson. The mistress made sure that the guy ate her shit and that he drank her water before she was done with him. She warned him against being a weirdo and if he wanted to continue with it, he had to do it far away from her.

This board member was a stumbling block to mistress Dula and her friends getting their resolutions passed by the board and implemented. They had tried to reason with him but they did not seem to make any progress. So they took a shortcut and they dominated him with shit to make him see things from their side. As he ate their shit, he realized there was no need to fight them.

This mistress had a slave who was late and she did not want it to be a thing. She had observed him and realized that he liked to be late. That was not ok with her and she had to do something about it. The mistress chose to punish the slave and to teach him a lesson which she did with her shit. The mistress fed it to him and he had to eat it.

This mistress was broke and wanted to get some money. This guy had the money but he did not want to loan it to her. Instead, he wanted her to do a challenge to get the money. She was desperate so she agreed. That is how she was made to eat her own shit and she had no choice but to do it. But at least she got the money.

Mistress Cassie wanted to make sure that her husband learned his lesson before she divorced his ass. The mistress chose to use her hot ass to torture as well as dominate him. He was cruelly made to eat her shit and to do other humiliating and degrading things and he had no choice but to do so. When he thought that was the worst of it, he was served divorce papers.

This guy was a coward and madame Ellen did not like cowardice. She had to deal with him the way she knew how. That is why she opted to cruelly torture him and she did not hesitate to do it. It was degrading as she made the guy eat her shit and lick her asshole clean. He never saw it coming but he had no choice other than to stop his cowardice.

Mistress Medea and her friend had a score to settle with this guy and it had to be settled quickly. That is why the mistresses chose to dominate and teach the guy a lesson that no one had ever done. The mistresses had him lick their feet first before they did anything else to him. He never messed with them after what they did to him as it was crueler than anything he had ever experienced before.

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