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Mistress Missy is using a portable toilet without the pan as she takes a shit on her slaves face. She has him laying on the floor with his face directly under her asshole as she starts pushing all he can do is lay there while the warm stinky shit falls on top his face. She takes and squeezes out as much shit as possible as she covers his face and then she wipes her ass and puts the toilet paper on top of his face as well!

Mistress Melannie is standing backwards over the toilet as she takes off her pants and panties and gets ready to take a massive shit. She bends her knees and starts pushing as she starts to drop a massive log into the toilet. She lets the camera get up close as the big hard piece of shit comes out of her tight asshole and she drops it into the toilet with a big splash.

This sexy Ebony Princess has been taking pills that have been making her constipated. She has found a natural tea that helps her relieve her shit and she is over the toilet in front of the camera and showing off her sexy ass as the shit flows out of it. She takes her hands and spreads her cheeks apart and the massive shit slowly gets pushed out of the tight asshole.

This super sexy blonde mistress is completely naked as she reaches back towards her asshole with a hotdog bun. She starts pushing out a fresh log directly on to the bun and is about to make a quick snack for her slave. She fills the bun with her hard log completely and the bun is overflowing with shit as she gets ready to hand the warm stinky sandwich to her slave!

Lady Johanna Syrkay is a sexy mistress that is working on training her slave to be her human toilet. She takes him and makes him lay down in the bathtub before she takes off her pants and panties and then she squats down over his face and gets ready to take a steamy shit. She puckers her tight asshole and gets ready to cover his face in fresh shit hot and steamy straight from her asshole. He must swallow all of his mistresses shit to pass his training!

This hungry slave is on his knees naked on the floor as his mistress pulls out a container of shit and takes a spoon and feeds her slave. She takes the spoon and scoops up a massive piece of shit. She takes this spoonful of shit and puts it at her slaves mouth and he opens his mouth and takes a bit. He chews up the shit that his mistress has offered him and eagerly awaits more!

This sexy Ebony Mistress is on the phone with her brother and she knows that she has to take a massive shit! She holds it as long as she can and when she finally explodes she has the camera ready and films the toilet getting filled with hot steamy shit. You can hear the wet farts as they start falling out of her asshole and you can see all of the shit that fills up the toilet.

Lady Jessica is a sexy mistress that takes a shit in the bathroom and then takes her shit and covers her slaves entire body in it. She smears the shit all over his face and even takes her warm stinky shit and smears it all over his face and makes him open his mouth so she can slide the shit inside of it. She makes him lay there on the floor naked covered in her shit.

This sexy mistress is in the bathroom standing above the toilet. She slightly squats down and starts pushing out this massive turd. She pushes hard as the piece of shit starts to fall out of her asshole and you can hear all the sounds of her pushing and straining as the shit comes out. She then leans over the bathtub and takes a shit into the tub and finally she puts some toilet paper on the floor and squats over the little spot and takes a creamy shit on the paper.

This sexy mistress has put together four of her favorite videos of her pushing yummy shit out of her tight asshole and made a video that is almost ten minutes long. She shows you how she poops on a paper towel and then she stands above the toilet and drops a massive shit into the toilet. She then backs her ass up against the camera and shows you her puckering asshole right before she shits.

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