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Mistress Anna was trying to teach her slave to stop being unreliable because she cared about his future but he did not see her point and now she had to act in his best interest even if he did not see it. That is why she opted to shit on him and to force him to lick her asshole clean after he was done eating her poop. He realized it was easier to be reliable.

Mistress Gaia loves to make slaves do crazy things and today that crazy thing was to watch him eat poo. The mistress loved making her slave eat it and she sat back to watch him do it. It was fun for her to watch as he struggled to eat all of her shit and to swallow it. He knew if he did not, the punishment would be worse than that.

Mistress Medea loves to do crazy things and today she was into scat fetish which she did to her slave. She fingered the slave in the ass and excited her before she turned on her and she made her eat her shit. The mistress convinced her that it was all for fun and the gullible slave believed her and she did not even try to resist any of what she did.

Mistress Milana wanted this slave to know that she was his boss and that she did not entertain any nonsense. That is why the mistress chose to use her whips on him so that he learned his lesson in a cruel manner. When she was done doing that, she embarked on shitting on him and he was so scared of her that he ate her shit as well as drank her urine.

This mistress wanted her shit eaten. But since the guy she wanted to eat her shit had never done such a thing before, it was up to her to show the poor guy how to eat the shit. So she took a shit and then she ate it as he watched. When she was done, she told him that he now knew how to do it and he would not need any more instructions.

Mistress Anna is a control freak and she loves to be in control at all times. That became hard for her as she had to teach this loser a lesson he had never been taught before. So the mistress chose to use her shit to get him to agree to her control. He had tried to refuse but she forced him as he had to eat her shit which he did not want to do again.

Mistress Anita did not want anyone with a bad attitude near her. She felt that if she allowed any such person, it would be detrimental to her and she would get infected with the bad attitude. But she did not let it get there so she took matters into her own hands and she forced the loser to eat her shit and drink her pee. He also had to lick her asshole clean.

This mistress was fed up at the fact that her slave did not see her point and she had to find a way to make him understand her. The guy did not see what she wanted him to see despite her trying several times to get him to see it. She got fed up and she made him eat her shit and she was surprised that he saw the point immediately.

Mistress Medea does not tolerate nonsense. When her slave pissed her off with his nonsense, she warned him that he would regret it if he did not change. He took it lightly and did not change. So she went out of her way to shit on him and he was shocked and degraded at what she did and that is how he wished that he should have listened to her.

Mistress Gaia had tried to reform her slave for a long time but she did not succeed. She was fed up and she knew he had to go. But before he was fired, she had to punish him one last time. The mistress had him eat her shit and drink her urine and when he was done, she did not even let him say anything. He was fired and asked to pack and go.

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