Scat Fetish Videos

Clips of sexy shitting girls

A new shit slave is going to get a very valuable lesson in shitting on her slave. The slave knows to follow his new mistress's instructions, because she is a beginner and just learning how to instruct. She will tell him to open wide when she pushes out her poo. The new mistress is thrilled with how well she is doing pooping on her shit slave.

Mistress Gaia never turns corners when it is time for breakfast. She is going to take a nice shit right on a bagel. Her slave is going to have a tasty bagel with a little extra on the bagel. Her shit really smells, so the bagel will have an extra flavor instead of the boring taste of the bagel. Her slave is such a lucky guy.

Princess Nikki is visiting some of her friends in Squatsqueen Berlin and she is getting ready to take a shit she has been holding on top of a slave and use him like a human toilet. She gets on top of him and squats down and starts pushes out her load all over his face. It comes out of her asshole and lands all over his face and into his mouth which he is happy to eat!

Mistress Nikki and Lady Grace have two of their loser slaves in the shower and are using them as their human toilets. They make them lay on the floor as they cover them with their fresh creamy shit and then after they force their human toilets to eat the shit these sexy mistresses spray them down in the shower with hoses like the filthy pigs that they really are covered in shit.

A pretty babe is walking down the hall, when some asshole bumps into her. Naturally she must take action. She is going to make him get on the ground and wait for her. She will shit on a plate, and make him eat every bit of her shit. That will teach the asshole to not bump into her or anyone else in the hall.

Aline hates men and thinks they are all pieces of shit. She is going to have one of her many human toilet slaves come over to her house. From there the toilet slave is going to be required to lay on the ground in her bathroom, so when she wants to take a shit, her slave is going to get all of her warm shit from her mouth.

Demi is a sexy college girl that is looking to start shitting for slaves. She is going to come over to a slave's apartment and take a nice hard shit right on his floor in front of him. Demi is new, but she is feeling like shitting is something she can get into. Scat play is a huge turn off for Demi, so she is going to perfect the art.

Jenicha is huge into scat play, so naturally she also loves to play in her own shit. She is going to take a shit, then play in her own poo. She will get her hands totally covered in shit, and tell her slave to lick them clean. Her slave loves the taste of her shit, and will do whatever his queen Jenicha demands him to do.

Mistress Gaia loves to do and prepare special meals for her slave. She is going to get ready to take a nice warm shit in a bowl for her slave. Mistress Gaia will then tell her slave to get his ass to her house, because his warm delicacy is waiting for him. She will instruct him to eat all of her shit, and clean the bowl.

Ariel is a sexy babe that takes great pride in her shits. She can shit almost anywhere at any time. She will take a delightful morning shit right on her bathroom floor. The pile of shit will be very large and smelly. Ariel will have one of her human toilet slave's clean up the huge pile of shit for her. She feels so much better.

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