Scat Fetish Videos

Clips of sexy shitting girls

This sexy chick bends her ass hole over as she takes a nice brown hot shit on the white bathroom floor. She leaves a big brown poop that is half hard and half mushy for you. It is a nice combination shit and you know you want to lick that ass hole clean of hers after she has taken that nice hot shit for you. It is nice and stinky.

Jenicha takes a thick sausage on a football and then rubs the shit on the ball making a mess of the ball with her brown stains and a mess on the bed sheets. The shit comes out of her ass like a curly brown snake falling onto the football below. She scoops it up and rubs it onto the white ball turning it brown and messing up the bed sheets.

Give the scat queen Jenicha a big fat kiss on her brown lips after she has eaten her own shit and stained her lips brown with it. You know you are getting aroused looking at those thick luscious lips covered in brown from a nice shit from her ass hole. Her lips are now fully lubricated so do you dare give those shitty brown smelly lips a kiss.

It is an all out poop fest as the Japanese school girls receive enemas and have very wet diarrhea into the toilet below. They lift up their hot school girl skirts and the poop comes squirting hard out of their asses into the toilets below. It is a stinky wet mess as the ladies squirt the hot diarrhea out of their asses making a mess of the hot portable toilets

Tonight is a special night, therefore the girls prepare the the new years eve dinner for the slave. The girls get together to take their nice hot shits on the plate to serve it to the slave to help him bring in the new year. It is going to be another year of eating shit for the slave and the girls help him get started by shitting up a plate.

All of the ladies are are having Lunch and just snip their Fingers to let the Slave know that he is up for toilet duty so het better be ready and get in the proper position on the floor underneath them. The ladies don't hold back as they snap their fingers and let the shit pour from their asses on top of the slaves faces as they lie underneath them.

The sexy blonde chick Merica Shits and Showers as she has her toilet slave where she wants him. The slave lies on the floor of the tub as meric takes a nice big shit on top of him. Instead of running the water to clean the slave off Merica just uses it to clean her ass hole after she has taken her shit. The slave gets the shit on his face.

It's a Scat Party 2011 as the three sexy ladies, Lady Angie, Lady Grace and Princess Nikki use two toilet slaves as their own personal human toilets in the shower stall. The sexy blonde ladies make a mess of the slaves faces as they have them lie down and open their mouth wide to take in all of their hot messy shit. The slaves get a huge bunch of shit.

The Girls came together after school to abuse their Toilet Slave by lifting up their school girl skirts to cover the slaves mouth in their big brown shit. The three hot brunettes bend over and raise their skirts to give the slaves a face full of their hot shit on top of the toilet seats. They do not hold back covering the slaves in their own school girl shit.

The two girls are at home at midnight, ready to go to sleep when one of them feels the urge to take a nice shit before they go to bed. The hot brunette with the curly hair has needed to go all day and she gives a full view of her spread ass hole as she sits over the toilet seat and lets a nice brown nugget drop.

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