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Clips of sexy shitting girls

Princess Nikki is a sexy mistress that visits one of her slaves that pays her a lot of money to come to his house and shit on a plate just for him. She gets there and takes off her panties as she gets ready to shit on the plate. She squats down over the plate and puckers her asshole as the camera catches all of the action and the large logs come out of her ass.

Mistress Melannie is a sexy mistress that has a big shit that is just waiting to come out. She uses her hands to spread her ass apart so that you can get a close up of her stretched out asshole. She starts pushing out her large firm log and you can watch her asshole stretch wide open to the point of almost tearing as she takes this massive shit just for you.

This sexy ebony mistress is a sexy mistress that has just woken up and is sitting on her throne in the bathroom pushing out a large load of shit fresh from her asshole. She then takes and makes her slave stick his head into the toilet bowl and smell her fresh stinky shit so that he can enjoy her crap as well. Finally she takes and makes her slave wipe her ass with her wipes.

Mistress Kimberly is a sexy mistress wearing a pair of jeans with a black tank top and a pair of black high heels. She makes her slave lay down on his back on the floor with his shirt off and uses him as her human toilet. She takes and puts her waste in his mouth and makes him swallow it until there is nothing left of her waste like a good toilet.

Mistress Desiree is a sexy mistress that takes and puts together three clips of her taking shits just for you. The first two clips are of her shitting over the edge of the bathtub onto some pieces of paper. The next on is her squatting down and showing off her sexy ass and stretched out asshole as she pushes a long out onto the floor and lets you admire her hard work.

Mistress Missy is a sexy mistress that takes her shit that she can barely hold anymore and sits on a portable toilet and shits all over her slaves face and mouth. She shits so much that it creates a shit avalanche all over her slave face. The shit pours all over his face and mouth and leaves him covered in her creamy and smelly shit that smells worst than you can imagine.

Mistress Scatty is a sexy mistress that is at a party and she really has to use the bathroom. She then finds that the toilet is broken so she decides to shit in the bathtub instead. She takes her legs and spreads them apart as she pushes out several creamy logs on the bathtub bottom. She then takes the fresh warm creamy shit and smears it all over her sexy body.

This sexy brunette mistress sits on the toilet and takes a shit on the toilet. She uses her hands to press down on her stomach to help push the fresh shit down to her tight asshole. She then takes and pushes and the shit lands in the toilet and plops down in the water below. She then takes a piece of toilet paper and wipes her ass and shows it to you and then flushes it down.

This sexy mistress is in the bathroom with her slave as she takes off her pants and makes her slave lay down on his back on the floor. She then squats down over his face and lines her asshole up with his mouth and then takes and squeezes out some fresh shit into his open mouth. She then pisses into his mouth filling it up with hot piss and makes him swallow her waste.

Mistress Jenicha is a sexy hot mistress that is sitting on the floor with her legs spread apart and the camera in front of her showing off her shaved pussy and her tight asshole. She then takes and starts pushing with her asshole and pushes out a semi soft log and is lands on the floor beneath her. Now she wants you to be the dirty pig that you are and fuck her asshole really hard!

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