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Clips of sexy shitting girls

Mistress Alina was taking a walk when she suddenly felt like shitting. Being someone with a shit fetish, she did not care that there was no toilet nearby. She just shot on herself and did not care about the consequences. She even let the shit touch her pussy. She then got into her car while full of shit and drove home. She was not worried about anything since her slave would clean the car and clean her as well.

Mistress Emily found out that her slave was leaking secrets about her to her neighbors. She is a reserved person and her neighbors were not able to know anything about her till her slave told them. So she punished her slave for it and forced him to keep his mouth shut. She shit into his mouth and ordered him to swallow her shit. That taught him the lesson she wanted him to learn.

This mistress had a stomach upset which was brought about by the food her slave had made for her. So she did not want to suffer alone. She decided to share the suffering with her slave so she made her slave eat her shit because it was a product of what he had cooked. By the time she was done with him, he knew he had to learn to cook better.

Mistress Annalise has a sexy butt and she knows it. This guy wanted to have a piece of it but unknown to him, she was into shit fetish. So she decided to use him as he had shown interest. She used her ass to lure him and bait him and he took the bait. He was shocked when she forced him to eat her shit and left him no choice but to do it.

Mistress Gaia does not like to beg for things. This guy was too proud and wanted to be begged to do his job and mistress Gaia was not about to do it. So she devised a way to make him learn that it was his job. She seduced him and flirted with him and once he had taken the bait, she forced him to eat her shit as punishment and he had no choice but to eat the shit.

Princess Mia was mad at this guy for trying to con her money. She did not have much and she had toiled for it and she wanted to invest it wisely. When she realized he was conning her, she punished him so hard that he never tried to con anyone ever again. She turned him into her human toilet and shit on him. She even recorded it to remind him never to be a conman.

Mistress Anna does not care much about her slave. All she cares about is whether or not she has fun. Whenever she wants to try anything, she always uses her slave to do it. Today she wanted to try shit fetish and as usual, her slave was the one she tried it on. She forced him to be a human toilet and she shit on him and forced him to eat her shit.

Goddess Darlin wanted to break up with her boyfriend for cheating on her but she wanted to punish him and give him a piece of her mind first of all. She tried to think of the best way to do it and she settled on shit fetish. She pretended she had forgotten about it and when they got down to making out and having sex, she got on top of him and instead of him licking her pussy, she shit into his mouth and forced him to eat it.

Mistress Anna's job was on the line. She was on her last chance and she did not want to blow it. She had to get some info that would help her seal a deal and this guy had it but was refusing to give it to her. She had no option but to force it out of him and she did. She shit on him and had him eat her shit and the degradation forced him to give her what she wanted.

Mistress Annalise did not like the kind of food her slave had cooked and she wanted to express her displeasure. She wanted him to make more effort to learn how to cook so she had to make sure her punishment would give him the motivation he needed. She took him to the kitchen and she shit on him and he had to eat her shit from a plate and directly from her ass.

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