Scat Fetish Videos

Clips of sexy shitting girls

A very cute mistress has always had really fast bowl movements. When she sits on the toilet for some odd reason, she can really blow shit from her ass. There are pros and cons to this amazing talent. However, she is trying to figure out if her slave is fast enough to eat up all of her rapidly flying poop from her asshole as it shoots out.

A slave thinks he can handle some scat play, but when he is faced with three angry mistresses that love to shit on him, he is going to be very busy. The slave must lay on the ground so all of the ladies can have their way shitting on him. He will just open his mouth and start eating the poop. The slave will be full.

A worker slave has been in the training process of scat. His mistress wants to be sure he knows what is expected of him. The slave will find out that she is great at taking very long shits. The mistress also will expect him to open his mouth and eat every bit of her shit. The slave will learn his expectations when it comes to her requests.

Sonya is a very sexy and hot mistress with a very dark scat fetish. She will have her loser slave come over, so she and her friend can take turns pushing out shit onto his face. The ladies don't care how weak and pathetic he is, because all he is good for is shit right into his mouth. The slave must eat up all the poop.

A mistress has many different levels of handling her slaves. Most of her slaves are very pathetic and weak, so when it is time for scat play, the slave will get a delicious meal from his mistress's asshole. A mistress will allow some foot worship to be done, but she is really just waiting to dump a huge load of shit on the face of her slave.

Lady Chrissy and Missy are never boring when they get together. They totally love to hang out and get into trouble together. These hardcore mistresses are going to have a blast with some fun scat play. The slave they choose to shit on is already trained, and they know to expect a great deal of warm shit landing right on his loser face. The slave must eat.

Jenicha is generally up to no good. She however loves to show off her pussy and her asshole. Jenicha will not only play with her pussy with her giant dildo, but she will take a nice big shit on the floor in front of her. Jenicha loves to have fun with her shit. Scat play has been one of her favorite things for a long time.

Jenny loves to play with shit, but when her lesbian girlfriend comes over, it can get really messy. Both babes love to have fun with each other and play with each others shit. Jenny will squat down over her girlfriend and take the biggest shit right in her girlfriend's mouth. The girlfriend will eat up all the shit and enjoy every bit of the warm shit.

This sexy ebony chick was feeling a little bloated and constipated this weekend so she decided to dink a little coffee with cream and sugar to help her pass whatever was in her system. That did the trick and the sexy ebony Took a nice big shit with some big wet farts and then made my slave come stick his face down in the bowl and smell me.

The two naked ladies Rieke and Mia are in the Bathroom and both ladies take a nice hot shit and serve it up to each other on the plate. The two girls have to piss and shit in the morning, and of course they smell and test the tasting of their shit because they wouldn't have it any other way. Their shits are very different textures, one creamy and one solid.

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