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Mistress Handan wanted this guy to change and be a reliable person. So she scared him with her shit. He did not have a choice but to eat her shit as well as lick her asshole. He drank her urine to wash down all the shit he had eaten and that was threatening to choke him. He thought he was dreaming about it all but he was shocked that it was all true.

Mistress Jessica realized that she had never had her asshole licked despite doing all manner of crazy things. So she asked this slave to do it and he did not have any choice but to do it. The mistress had taken a shit on herself and she had him lick it all from her asshole. He was shocked at her order but she did not let him recover. He had to do it.

Lady Tassia was pissed to learn that this slave was forgetful. She did not want to be the one to remind him all the time and she had to make him learn to remember things on his own. To motivate him to do so, she used her shit. The mistress cruelly had him eat her poo and she also made him drink her urine. He never forgot things after that.

Mistress Wael wanted to teach this guy to stop wasting time. She used her charm and her nice tits to lure him for the punishment. She got the guy to understand that he would never be allowed to waste time with her. He did not expect the mistress to do what she had done to him and he was humiliated and learned that wasting time would land him in trouble.

Queen Siya was fed up with how unruly this guy was. He was rude to everyone and she did not like it. So she tricked him and she used her shit to make him stop his unruly behavior. He did not see it coming but it was a cruel punishment and he had no choice but to stop what he had done if it meant he would avoid being humiliated again.

Mistress Alice knew that this guy wanted to fuck her and she was ok with it but she wanted something from him. She told him that he could do it and she would let him do it but he had to do something for her. He had to eat her shit before she let him screw her. He could not pass up the opportunity to do it and agreed with her plan.

When this mistress noticed that her new neighbor was a pervert and that he did things that she did not approve of, she had to send a message and show him that he had to learn his lesson and stop what he did. So she cruelly forced him to eat her poo after she had teased him and lured him to her house. He was shocked at the turn of events but he got the message.

Mistress Anna did not like how her electrician handled a job she had given him. She was so pissed about it that she had to make sure he never did that to any of his other clients. This was done in a way he never expected and that is why she used poo to do it. The punishment was cruel the way it was intended but that is what helped him change.

Mistress Milana had to punish this guy for the way in which he acted. He did not take heed of what she had told him and that angered her even more. He had to be punished and the punished preferred using her shit so as to inflict maximum damage to him. He cried as she did her thing to him and he realized that he had to make peace with her and do what she wanted.

Mistress Medea took this guy to the woods and she tied him up before she slapped the shit out of him. But that was not all as she also spat on him. However, she did not feel that he had had enough punishment. So she used her shit to humiliate him some more and this time, she felt that it was enough for him and she let him go after that.

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