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Clips of sexy shitting girls

Raquel has the cutest little ass ever, so naturally many of her slaves are always so eager to spend time with her. Raquel is very picky when it comes to her slaves. Her favorite slave knows to show up at her house with a small inflatable pool where he can lay in the pool and she is able to do her magic trick with her ass on his face.

A group of fun girls that love scat play are going to have an amazing day working on their skills when it comes time to push out shit. The ladies are going to square up on the toilet and push out turds. Their goal is to learn how to shit on command and make their slave know when to expect shit to drop into his pathetic mouth.

Lady Amy is taking a dip on the wild side and giving scat play action a try. She never knew all of the fun she was going to have, because she thinks scat play and shitting on their pathetic faces is a blast. Lady Amy will force her loser slave to open his lame mouth open wide, so that she can start pushing out shit into his mouth.

Hot Jenicha is one of a kind in the shitting department for her slaves. Jenicha loves scat play, and she loves it when she can push out the biggest turd just for her slave. Her slaves think she is too sexy when she is working on the biggest poop on the floor. Jenicha also will take a nice long warm piss that makes her feel great.

Lady Angie, Lady Grace, and Princess Nikki all came together for one mission. They think their slave is a total asshole and deserves a painful lesson. However, they are not going to beat him up. Instead he is going to experience load after load of shit right on his face. He must open his mouth and start to eat up all of the shit into his mouth.

Jenny is a hardcore dominatrix when it comes to shitting and scat play. She is far from shy when is time to pull down her pants and begin to shit. Jenny will put her ass on the end of a chair right above her slave. She will start to shit right on the face of her slave. He has no choice but to eat the shit.

A very sassy girl loves to talk to her friends, but she also loves to do other things as well. She is going to have a great conversation with her friend, but all of the sudden a burst of pressure will take over. She is going to push out a pile of shit from her ass right on the floor. She is also giggling at her huge shit.

A Kaviar babe loves to take the largest shits ever. She always is working on new ways to be sure she gets enough shit for her slave. Ever since he told her how much he loves her poo, all she wants to do is take as many shits as possible to feed him. The Kaviar babe loves her smelly sticky shit so much, and so do her slaves.

A very cute Japanese girl is going to have a great time taking a shit. She has great talents when it comes to pushing out the largest turds. The Japanese girl will waste no time in letting go a very long turd that will be at least six inches long. From there she is going to make sure the turds are ready for her loser slave.

A toilet slave can have a very busy day if all of the mistress's are having bowl problems. Some of the mistresses love to take multiple shits throughout the day. The slave has learned to open his mouth and take in all of the shit he can. He is well trained enough that his mouth just falls open to eat whatever shit that falls from their ass's.

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