Scat Fetish Videos

Clips of sexy shitting girls

This mistress was responding to her fans. As she read their mail and responded to it, she felt like she needed to indulge in her fetish. But she did not want to stop doing what she was doing because it would have meant she does it again and she did not have the time. So she did both. She called a slave and shit on him while responding to the mail.

These mistresses were having their monthly party when one of them suggested that they look for something else to do since their parties were becoming a little bit monotonous. Another one suggested they shit on a slave and the others agreed. They got a slave and had fun shitting on the slave and making him eat their shit. It became a routine in all their meetings where one member was tasked with coming with a slave to be humiliated.

Tiffany is a kinky mistress. She likes to have all kinds of fun. Today, she wanted to have it at the expense of her slave. She had called her friends for a party and when they were bored, she called him and made him their human toilet. She made the girls shit on him and especially on the face and she forced him to eat the shit. He ate it.

Slave humiliation is something that is dear to mistress Sharlene and she likes to make sure she is the best at it. In the course of doing that, she ends up stepping on other people's toes. Like she did with guy. She was pissed at him and invited her friend Andrea and together they humiliated and degraded this guy by shitting on him. They they took a shower while he lay on the bathroom floor.

This mistress and her lover are into shit. They like dirty things and like to get down and dirty. They like using their scat fetish as foreplay. Today the mistress surprised her love with their fetish and got her to suck a big black dildo before they smeared each with shit. This made them hornier and hornier and they used the black dildo to get to the promised land sexually.

These mistresses had worked hard to achieve their fantasy of having a double toilet and double screens for entertainment in the toilets. They were testing them and found them great. They could not wait to enjoy them. The mistresses have a shit fetish and like to play with scat. The entertainment in the toilet is to make sure that they have as much fun in the toilet as they can possibly have.

This mistress had had too much weed and booze the previous night. She was so high and she blacked out. But the effects of it were still with her and when she went to bed, she dreamed that she was pressed and had to shit. She then dreamed that she was in a toilet and she went ahead to shit. When she woke up in the morning, she found she had shit on her bed.

This mistress does crazy things whenever she is mad. She was mad today and her slave was fearful of what she might do to her. She was not wrong. She turned her into her human toilet. She forced her to undress and she shit on her and pissed on her. She also smeared it all over her body and made her eat the shit and drink the pee without a care in the world.

This girls are cruel and they will torture and humiliate their slave. He is working out and when he will be done, he will be tied up and he will be ordered to clean their dirty feet. The humiliation will not stop here and this girls will make him eat their poop too. This slave will soon become a toilet slave and there is nothing he can do about it.

Mistress Gaia is a sexy femdom that likes to shit all around and to use her slave as a private little toilet. Nobody knows if he likes this or not, but she doesn't give a shit about his opinion. He will be humiliated and he will get some fresh shit from this mistress in order to understand who is the slave and who is the real boss in here.

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