Scat Fetish Videos

Clips of sexy shitting girls

Most men have dinner, but some men are pathetic slaves that need to just simply eat shit. A very dominant mistress is going to let her slave know just what a piece of shit he is and demand that he have her pee and shit on a plate for dinner instead of food. Sucks to be him, but that is what the mistress wants, and she always has her way.

These two sexy college chicks are all about having a great time as they take turns shitting in to different color bowls. They takes their turns squatting down over the bowls and they pucker their tight assholes and filling them up with their fresh warm and creamy shit. These college babes help each other out as they move their panties to the side so that they can shit right onto the colorful bowls.

Pinknwets just can't get enough of shitting. She loves to take huge shits for everyone to see. She is famous for pushing out huge logs that no one else would be able to do. Pinknwets sure knows how to eat the perfect food to keep her shit huge, big, and so stinky. Pinknwets is a very healthy woman with a huge appetite for taking huge shits.

These two lesbian mistresses are in the bathtubs playing with enemas and having a really shitty time. These two are all about playing with each others shit. They take the enema hose and put it into one of their asses and takes the other end of the hose and sprays it all over the other mistress. By the time these two are done giving each other enema's they are covered from head to toe in their fresh creamy shit.

Arab Princess Messalina is amazing, but when she decides that it is time to start peeing on her slave's face, it is pure enjoyment. She gives a super brutal facesitting, and she lets her slave know all about scat domination. Her slave better not mess with Arab Princess Messalina or he is going to be very sorry for the results, because he will be covered in shit.

This sexy and kinky mistress has no problem squatting down in the grass and dropping her pants and her panties and showing off her bare ass to the camera. She then starts pissing and the camera gets all the golden nectar flowing out of her pussy. She then starts pressing her ass together and pushes out some fresh creamy shit so that the camera can catch all of the shit coming out.

Mistress Jenicha is a sexy mistress that takes her pants and panties off and shows off her sexy round ass. She uses her hands to spread her ass apart so that you can see her tight asshole up close as she starts to push out several logs. The fresh logs land on the couch and start to pile up as she lets you watch all the action up and close and in detail.

This sexy bbw Ebony Mistress is sitting on the toilet taking a massive shit into the bowl and she wants her slave to enjoy the moment as much as she is. She makes him kneel in front of her and takes her hand and pushes his face down between her legs so that his nose is in the toilet and he smells her fresh shit. She then takes and makes him wipe her ass clean when she finishes shitting.

Mistress Celeste is a sexy blonde mistress that knocks on Mistress Nicole's door and asks to use the toilet. Mistress Nicole then leads her to a slave and tells Mistress Celeste to use him as a human toilet. Mistress Celeste then squats down and uses the slave as a human toilet as she shits and pisses into his open mouth and then covers him with fresh and warm stinky shit.

This sexy brunette mistress is giving her slave the full workout today as she takes and makes him eat a bunch of crap off of the floor. She then makes him take off his shirt and lay underneath of her portable toilet as she takes a shit on to his face and into his open mouth. She also pisses all over his face and makes him swallow her piss and shit.

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