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Clips of sexy shitting girls

These two lesbians are in love with each other, and what better way to show how you feel than by shitting into each others mouths? One shits into the others mouth and they share a passionate kiss before they both swallow every last drop. Once that's over they decide to fist each other and let their hands get covered in shit and piss. They are clearly going the distance with their relationship.

Mistress Gaia needs to teach her slave a lesson and she is going to do it my smothering him with her shit covered ass until she gets gets bored. No matter how much he begs to be set free, she is going to keep his there, making sure that he can smell nothing but her shit and her filthy asshole. She is going ot make sure that he learns his lesson.

Mistress Roberta has to train her new toilet slave and what better way to do that than to strap him under a toilet seat and let him have it all? She spreads her legs wide and lets her piss and shit shoot out of her body and land all over his face. She orders him to make sure that it ends up in his mouth so he can swallow it all down.

I was all ready to go out and my boyfriend commented about my dress looking slutty and that he didn't like my heels. Alright fine, you don't like how I look? You don't have to go out with me. I get the bench out and strap him in tightly and call a cab. During my wait I think Ill even punish him and enjoy a couple games on the Xbox. Haha this new dress is perfect, I wont even have to take anything off, not even any panties since Ill be going out without those too.

Josslyn Kane has just gotten home from the gym and she is incredibly horny. In order to satisfy herself, she decides to cover herself in her own shit and masturbate. She gets down on all fours and lets her shit flow out of her tight little asshole before picking it up and smearing it all over her face and body. Once she's ready, she fucks a huge dildo until she cums.

This femdom has her slave firmly strapped in under her toilet seat and she is ready to fill his mouth up with her delicious and nutritious shit. Unfortunately for the slave, she is feeling a bit sick and her ass just explodes in diarrhea. It completely covers his face and his mouth, but her orders never change. He still has to swallow every single last drop of shit for her.

Mistress Margo is going to teach her slave how to properly serve her in the bathroom and he is going to love every single second of it. She squats over his mouth and lets her shit and piss rain down on to him. She orders him to swallow every drop before she plants her pussy right over his mouth and makes him lick her clean before moving on to her feet.

This femdom loves to torture her slave and today is no different. She is going to force him to eat her shit and smell her feet while she laughs at him. She squats over a towel and fills a bottle with her delicious piss before letting her asshole open up and her shit slide out. Then she brings it all over to her slave and makes him swallow every last drop.

Mistress Gaia was tired of humiliating male slaves. She wanted to try a female and she found it not just refreshing, but it was awesome. She even decided to lay off make slaves for a while and concentrate on female ones for a while. She stepped on her slave's head before shitting on her face and then tying a plastic bad on her head so that she could absorb the smells.

Princess Nikki loves her shit fetish. She celebrates annually, the day that she got that fetish and loves to do something different on that day. For this year, the date was today and she enjoyed getting a slave eat her shit while she was in the shower. She wanted to have and enjoy her fetish in all the rooms in her house and she started with her bathroom. It was lots of fun.

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