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Mistress Nadia is a sexy brunette bbw mistress and she is on her hands and knees on the bed naked except for a pair of plastic panties as she gets ready to take a massive shit. She pushes out her creamy load and it presses against her clear panties and smears all over her entire asshole and her ass. She keeps shitting and her clear plastic panties turn brown as they fill up with her fresh shit.

These three sexy mistresses are hanging out together at their apartment and they only have one toilet slave. They all eat a huge meal in the evening and now it is time to go to bed and all three of the sexy mistresses need to take a shit. These sexy mistresses all take turns sitting down on the portable toilet and they all shit all over his face and make him eat all of their creamy shit.

Lara is a sexy hooker wearing bright red high heel boots as she has some fun with her loser slave. She makes him kneel on the floor in the bathroom and she has him hold her hand under her ass. She then pushes out her creamy load and it falls into his hands and she makes him hold it all until she is all done shitting. Then she wants him to eat her creamy shit load in his hands.

BizarrLady has been holding in her creamy shit for several hours and now she needs to explode. She takes a clear glass bowl and puts it on the floor and then squats down over the bowl with her naked ass. She then pulls her ass apart and starts pushing so that the creamy shit pile comes out of ass and fills the glass bowl and she hands it to you for you to eat as your breakfast!

These sexy Scat Princesses decided to have some fun with their loser slave as they see how much shit he can eat. They all went out and ate a massive meal so that when they came home they would be completely full of shit. These sexy mistresses then take turns shitting into his mouth and making him eat every last bite to see how much shit he can really eat.

Mistress Raw Desires has to take a massive shit so she lays back on the floor and starts showing off her sexy asshole. She takes her sexy asshole and shows it off as it starts puckering and then she starts to push out her creamy load of shit. She shits all over the floor under her ass and she tells you to take our your cock and jerk off while you watch her shit and piss all over the place.

Mistress Gaia is a stunning beauty who deserves much better than regular toilet paper and she demands only the best! She has her slave who is her own personal human toilet paper and she has him use his tongue to lick her asshole clean after she takes a shit. She makes sure that her slave knows that his only purpose in life is to lick her asshole clean and that he must love the taste of her creamy shit all over his tongue!

This loser slave begs his mistress Mandy Flores to let him buy some of her shit in a container and some of her used anal beads. After a ton of begging she finally allowed him to pay her some money for some of her shit and her used anal beads. She takes a plastic container and fills it with her creamy shit and she tells him that he needs to eat a few bites. Then she shoves the anal beads in her ass for several hours before removing them and mailing them to him.

This sexy mistress never knows when she might need to use the bathroom and she wants to make sure that she has her slave around. She takes her slave to the Japanese restaurant with her and after she ate a large meal she has to use her human toilet. She makes him lay down on the floor and then squats down over his mouth and pushes out her creamy logs right into his mouth for him to eat them all.

This loser slave does not have a life outside out the bathroom and his entire day is spent laying on the cold bathroom floor waiting for his mistresses to come in and shit on his face. During the evening these sexy mistresses ate a huge meal and he was down on the floor listening to them talk and eat. The next morning the first of the mistresses came in and shit on to his face and made him eat all of her crap.

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