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Mistress Gaia knew that this guy was malicious and she did not want to continue dealing with that guy. So she used her shit to humiliate him and teach him a lesson that she was sure he would not forget any time soon. The mistress made sure he also licked her feet before she was done with him. The poor guy stopped being malicious after what she did to him.

Mistress Gaia wanted this guy to eat poo and he could not escape it as the mistress always has to get whatever she puts her mind to. The mistress chose to use her shit today to degrade this guy and he never saw it coming. He was forced to eat her shit and when he was done, the mistress laughed at him. She had even laughed at him as he ate the poop.

Mistress Gaia used a lot of money to buy the things that her assistant was wasteful about. She had warned her not to do it but he did not change. She had to punish him and she did not care what he did or what he felt. That is how he knew that she meant business and he stopped being as wasteful as he was as he knew he would be made to account.

This loser thought that just by pampering this mistress' feet, things would be ok and she would forgive him. But she did not and when he was done with her feet, she turned him into a toilet slave and he had to eat her shit. He never messed up again after that as he knew she would not condone that behavior from him. The shit worked and made him change.

Mistress Gaia found this slave uncouth and she needed him to change his behavior. He tried to avoid it but she was not going to condone it. She had to punish him and she did it by shitting on him. He thought he was dreaming as he had never thought it was even a thing that could happen to someone but it happened to him. He stopped the uncouth behavior.

Mistress Gaia wanted to be licked as well as this guy had promised her. But he did not do it as he had told her and she was pissed. The mistress made him eat her shit but this was after she had facesat him and rode his face until she got the orgasm she wanted. He never promised something he could not deliver again because he knew what would happen.

Mistress Gaia loves to make slaves do crazy things and today that crazy thing was to watch him eat poo. The mistress loved making her slave eat it and she sat back to watch him do it. It was fun for her to watch as he struggled to eat all of her shit and to swallow it. He knew if he did not, the punishment would be worse than that.

Mistress Gaia had tried to reform her slave for a long time but she did not succeed. She was fed up and she knew he had to go. But before he was fired, she had to punish him one last time. The mistress had him eat her shit and drink her urine and when he was done, she did not even let him say anything. He was fired and asked to pack and go.

Mistress Gaia rarely gets mad. And when she does, she usually does the unthinkable. There is no predicting what she can and cannot do in such instances. Today she filled this slave's face with poo because she was mad at him. He never expected her to do that even though she was unpredictable. He told himself that he had to stop pissing her off because she did not know what she would do.

Mistress Gaia's slave had asked whether she could let him eat her ass and her shit. She agreed because she never said no to fun and she is an adventurous person despite the fact that she had never tried it before. Her slave loved her ass and he ate it hungrily. He also ate her shit when she finally gathered the courage to shit on her. She was shocked that he ate it calmly.

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