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Clips of sexy shitting girls

Mistress Melissa knew her slave was hungry and wanted some food. She pretended to cook but in the real sense, what she was doing is shit into a bowl and then give it to the slave to eat. She presented it to the slave and he had no option of refusing the food. He ate all of her shit just as she wanted then she let him go to sleep.

Gina loves shit and enjoys doing all sorts of things with her shit. Today she wanted a close up video of herself shitting. Many people had asked her about it on her blog and she had never given it to them. But she wanted to do it today and she took one. She looked at it and loved how her shit forced its way out of her anus and she posted it.

When a mistress wants to teach a slave a lesson, the slave better be prepared for the worst time of his life. That is what Scatha wanted to do to her slave. But the slave thought it was nothing serious. However, she made him eat her shit straight from her asshole and straight into his mouth. She was not kidding and made her do as she wanted and he did.

Sophia is a mistress who enjoys her own shit. She is not like other mistresses who do it in a crowd or who do it to slaves. She likes to play with her shit while she is in the toilet and no one can disturb her. She likes to do all sorts of things like hold it, smear it and even place it on surfaces and study it for her own enjoyment.

This mistress wanted to please her friends when they came to her house for a party. So she went and got a slave. She wanted to make him a toilet slave and she did. She made her slaves piss and shit on him all they wanted. They had never done such a thing and it was a lot of fun for the mistress. It was a nightmare for the slave.

Adison is a cruel mistress. She likes to have great sex and anyone who does not make her have a great orgasm wastes her time and she has to punish him for that since her time is precious. She wanted to punish this guy for wasting her time and she tied his hands to his back before she shit into his mouth and made him eat and swallow it all.

This slave wanted food and he had not done any work that day. The mistresses laughed at him. Lady Anuschka and her friend Kitty took him to his room and made him eat their shit. That was to be his food for the day since he had not been productive the whole day. The guy had no option but to eat the shit that he was offered by the mistresses.

When it comes to shit fetishes, no one is a big fan of it than this mistress. She loves to shit and more than that, she loves to see herself shit. That is why she has a camera in her toilet that records her when she is shitting. She likes it because she is able to watch how shit comes out of her anus. It sort of turns her on.

Isabella wanted to learn English and pass her exams because she was a foreigner but this guy did not teach her enough to make her pass so she could go and study abroad. She was pissed off and decided to make him pay for it. She made him lie down and she shit into his mouth and she made him eat it. He had to do as she said or else there would be hell to pay.

Chrystal knew this guy adored his jacuzzi. So when she wanted to humiliate him, she decided to use the thing she knew he loved the most. She made him lie inside the jacuzzi and then she shit on his face. Some of it even fell in the water and he felt like dying. She made him eat the shit and he did it to avoid more of it falling in the water.

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