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When this guy told this mistress that he could fuck her and make her get tired of cumming, she believed him. But he did not even give her one orgasm as he had a small dick and he could not fuck her well. He also came too quickly and she was so pissed that she facesat on him with her big ass and then shit on him before he finally had to lick her asshole clean.

Mistress Alexandra had endured a lot of grief and discrimination from her supervisor but enough was enough and she had to show him that what he did was wrong and punish him for it. She did not care about losing her job as long as he learned his lesson. So the mistress laid a trap for him and then turned him into a human toilet. He had to eat shit and drink pee to learn his lesson.

This couple wanted to try things they had never done before. Being naughty, kinky and adventurous, they eventually decided to try scat fetish. However, they had to get themselves some lube. So they decided to use shit as lube. The mistress took a shit, smeared it on her ass and the guy used it to penetrate her ass and they both had a great and memorable time doing nasty things together.

Queen Siya made her slave eat a stew which was full of shit. She did not make it optional for him and he was shocked at the way in which she decided to degrade and humiliate him. The mistress made sure that the guy was not only degraded, but that he was also scared. The combination was important as it would ensure that he learned his lesson and never pissed her off again.

Mistress Alice wanted to entertain this guy and she did it with her scat fetish. The guy felt that she had to use her shit to do it and that is what she did. The mistress had fun making him watch her take a shit. It was a bit too gross for him but he managed to watch everything up to the end. She did not think he would make it to the end.

Mistress Haley was not going to let her cousin get away with wanting to fuck her. She felt that it was taboo for him to even think about it let alone do it. So she made sure he would never have that thought again. That is why she forced him to eat her shit and warned him never to do it again. He learned his lesson and never tried that nonsense again.

Mistress Milana caught her sister's boyfriend cheating on her and she did not like it. She was so pissed at him and since she could not let it slide, she had to find an appropriate punishment for him. The mistress settled on shitting on him and that is exactly what she had him do. He had no way out of it and had to suffer the consequences of his behavior.

Mistress Handan wanted this guy to change and be a reliable person. So she scared him with her shit. He did not have a choice but to eat her shit as well as lick her asshole. He drank her urine to wash down all the shit he had eaten and that was threatening to choke him. He thought he was dreaming about it all but he was shocked that it was all true.

Mistress Jessica realized that she had never had her asshole licked despite doing all manner of crazy things. So she asked this slave to do it and he did not have any choice but to do it. The mistress had taken a shit on herself and she had him lick it all from her asshole. He was shocked at her order but she did not let him recover. He had to do it.

Lady Tassia was pissed to learn that this slave was forgetful. She did not want to be the one to remind him all the time and she had to make him learn to remember things on his own. To motivate him to do so, she used her shit. The mistress cruelly had him eat her poo and she also made him drink her urine. He never forgot things after that.

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