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Mistress Wael wanted to humiliate this guy and she did it in a way he would never have guessed. He was her electrician but he was not good at it and he ended up messing her up. She did not want him to mess someone else up so she used her shit to punish him. She made him eat her shit after she had tied him up and it was degrading and made him become a better electrician.

Mistress Haley was enjoying her time on a yacht when she noticed that this guy was doing crazy things that she had warned him about. She did not want to sit back and let him get away with it. She turned him into a shit slave and she forced him to eat her poop and drink her pee. He regretted why he had not done what he was supposed to do.

This mistress was prepared to punish this slave and she did it in a way he had never expected her to do it. The mistress forced him to lick her asshole after he had smelled her farts. When he was done with that, the mistress made sure that she ate her poo. The guy could not believe it but the mistress did not care what he believed or did not.

Mistress Nica tortured this guy to the point that he was willing to pay her to stop. She needed money and that was her motivation for doing it. The mistress had the guy strip down and she turned him into her human toilet. He had to eat her poo and drink her urine. She also told him she wanted to puke on him. He did not want any more of what she had done to him and he paid her to stop.

Mistress Haley did not forget what her former professor had done to her. She did not want to let him go scot-free and that is why when they met, she had to punish him and she did it cruelly. The mistress forced him to learn his lesson by shitting on him and degrading him cruelly. He never forgot what she told him and what she did to him. He became a better professor.

This guy had thought that he was smart and he went ahead to misrepresent facts. He thought that the mistresses would not notice but they did and they did not like it. For what he had done, he had to be punished and that is why the mistresses chose to cruelly torture him. He was forced to eat poo as punishment and he had himself to blame for what happened to him.

Mistress Wael was frustrated with how her husband was not adventurous and she felt that she wanted to do some adventurous things. She did not have sex with him for a few days and when he became desperate for sex, she told him she wanted more adventure and he had to agree. That is how the poor husband found himself eating his wife's shit as well as licking her asshole clean.

Lady Scarlet loves to get even and she had to do it to this guy after he messed with her. The mistress did not care what the guy felt. All she knew was that she had to torture and degrade him and her punishment as well as humiliation was to be worse than what he had done to her. That is why she chose to torture him with her shit.

This guy was a burden on mistress Tulip and she was not ok with it. She felt that she had to respond to the guy, which she did with her shit. She had to teach him to stop being burdensome and he learned the hard way after he was turned into a scat eater and he had to eat her shit as well as lick her asshole until it was clean.

This mistress was not pleased that her doctor had not been diligent with her. He missed something a different doctor picked up on and she had to punish him for it so that he learned his lesson the hard way. The mistress chose to teach him a lesson so that he would be more diligent next time and this was done through shitting on him. It worked and he became more diligent.

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