Scat Fetish Videos

Clips of sexy shitting girls

Four pretty girls are always looking for something new and fun to do. There is nothing more fun than having a slave come over, so the four pretty girls can take multiple shits on him. The slave is used to being at the bottom of them, so he can only imagine how much shit he is going to endure from the ladies. They are having so much fun.

Pinknwets is a very fun girl, because her love for scat is amazing. She loves to take huge poops in a box, but what does she end up doing with the shit? Her slaves are real losers, so feeding them the shit is always a possibility. Pinknwets is eating her lunch thinking about what she can do with her shit. She thinks her slaves deserve the poop.

A very pretty blonde goddess needs to take a very large shit before she takes a bath. She will get into her bath, but she will also get a large bowel. Her goal is to shit in the bowel, so she is able to pass along her shit to her slave that loves to watch her as she showers. He must eat her shit no matter what.

Miss Missa X is a very hardcore mistress that doesn't take any shit. When one of her slaves sends her a picture in the mail, she laughs at the thought of the slave thinking she would want the picture. Instead, she is going to pull down her pants and take the largest shit ever on the picture. She makes sure she shits on the slave's face.

Annie is a very adventurous girl. Not only does she love anal sex, but she also loves the feeling of pushing out a huge load of shit. Annie thinks taking a big shit feels just as good as having her boyfriend pound out her ass as hard as he can when they are having anal sex. Annie can't wait to take another big shit for her man.

Rieke and Annika are two very powerful mistress's with a huge love for scat play. They are going take turns having fun with a slave. Each of these ladies will push out the biggest turds onto a slave's face. They even have another slave over, and make him clean up their assholes with his tongue. They are so brutal when it comes to scat play.

Princess Nikki is a super hot mistress with a huge love for shitting. She is going to take her first really big shit on one of her slaves. The slave is going to find out how delicious Princess Nikki's shit is. She will encourage her slave to open his mouth, so she can get all of her hot shit right into his mouth. The slave swallows.

A very cute mistress has always had really fast bowl movements. When she sits on the toilet for some odd reason, she can really blow shit from her ass. There are pros and cons to this amazing talent. However, she is trying to figure out if her slave is fast enough to eat up all of her rapidly flying poop from her asshole as it shoots out.

A slave thinks he can handle some scat play, but when he is faced with three angry mistresses that love to shit on him, he is going to be very busy. The slave must lay on the ground so all of the ladies can have their way shitting on him. He will just open his mouth and start eating the poop. The slave will be full.

A worker slave has been in the training process of scat. His mistress wants to be sure he knows what is expected of him. The slave will find out that she is great at taking very long shits. The mistress also will expect him to open his mouth and eat every bit of her shit. The slave will learn his expectations when it comes to her requests.

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