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Clips of sexy shitting girls

This hungry slave is on his knees naked on the floor as his mistress pulls out a container of shit and takes a spoon and feeds her slave. She takes the spoon and scoops up a massive piece of shit. She takes this spoonful of shit and puts it at her slaves mouth and he opens his mouth and takes a bit. He chews up the shit that his mistress has offered him and eagerly awaits more!

Lady Johanna Syrkay is a sexy mistress that is working on training her slave to be her human toilet. She takes him and makes him lay down in the bathtub before she takes off her pants and panties and then she squats down over his face and gets ready to take a steamy shit. She puckers her tight asshole and gets ready to cover his face in fresh shit hot and steamy straight from her asshole. He must swallow all of his mistresses shit to pass his training!

Lady Jessica is a sexy mistress that takes a shit in the bathroom and then takes her shit and covers her slaves entire body in it. She smears the shit all over his face and even takes her warm stinky shit and smears it all over his face and makes him open his mouth so she can slide the shit inside of it. She makes him lay there on the floor naked covered in her shit.

This sexy Ebony Mistress is on the phone with her brother and she knows that she has to take a massive shit! She holds it as long as she can and when she finally explodes she has the camera ready and films the toilet getting filled with hot steamy shit. You can hear the wet farts as they start falling out of her asshole and you can see all of the shit that fills up the toilet.

This sexy mistress has put together four of her favorite videos of her pushing yummy shit out of her tight asshole and made a video that is almost ten minutes long. She shows you how she poops on a paper towel and then she stands above the toilet and drops a massive shit into the toilet. She then backs her ass up against the camera and shows you her puckering asshole right before she shits.

This sexy mistress is in the bathroom standing above the toilet. She slightly squats down and starts pushing out this massive turd. She pushes hard as the piece of shit starts to fall out of her asshole and you can hear all the sounds of her pushing and straining as the shit comes out. She then leans over the bathtub and takes a shit into the tub and finally she puts some toilet paper on the floor and squats over the little spot and takes a creamy shit on the paper.

This Ebony Princess was feeling a little blocked up when she decided to have a hot cup of coffee and within a few minutes she was ready to fill the toilet. She let out some hot and juicy farts and she then drops some scat in the toilet. She moves to the side so the camera can get a good view and then she forces her slave to stick his head in the bowl and smell her sweet aroma!

This sexy brunette mistress is about to give her slave a tasty treat that he will not forget. She takes off her panties and squats down above the floor as she gets ready to take a massive shit. The warm stinky shit covers the floor as she continues to push the shit out of her ass. She then turns around and pisses all over the steamy pile of shit so that he slave can enjoy the taste of shit and piss together.

Ms. Anna is a sexy mistress that walks into the bathroom and takes off her pants as she gets ready to take a shit. She sits down on the portable toilet and while her slave is laying underneath of her she starts peeing on his face. After she has covered his face in piss she pushes hard and takes a massive shit onto his face. She covers him in slimy gooey stinky shit and he opens his mouth to taste it.

This sexy blonde mistress has to take a massive shit and she has no where else to go so she decides to make a tasty treat for you. She takes off all of her clothes and bends forward and takes a massive shit onto a hot dog bun. She has to much shit that she fills the bun completely and you can see her asshole stretch as she fills it up. This is going to be a tasty treat for her slave!

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