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Clips of sexy shitting girls

Carlotta ignored my instructions. She thought I would be smiling like I always do. I tied her up and blindfolded her then pooped in her mouth and she had to eat it

This loser mistook my kindness for a weakness. It is now time to show him never to judge a book by its cover. I make him lie down in the toilet and crap into his open mouth then wipe my ass and wipe his face with the poop

A scat princess and her friend are going to have a fun time with a slave. They had decided to get out a strap on, because they plan on doing many things to their slave's ass. One of them is using the strap on on the slave, but they also are going to make him clean his own strap on using his mouth. The slave is really pathetic and he is also super weak.

The biggest shit ever will soon have a new recipient that is going to clean up everything with his mouth. A slave will soon find out what his purpose in life is when he comes over to his mistresses home and finds out that she has soiled her carpet and expects him to clean up the mess using only his face. The slave has a really dirty job.

Alexa loves to do adventures things all of the time, and she also loves to dress very provocatively. She is going to invite one of her slaves over, because she has special plans for him on a wonderful afternoon. The slave has no idea that she plans on taking a warm shit on the ground and making him eat up all of the shit and any mess left behind.

There is nothing sexier than a goddess that loves attention, especially that takes great pride in all of her poo. She has always been very needy and she loves to make sure that all of her slaves know her requests. The first request is to make sure that her slave is underneath her so that he is able to catch all of her shit following from her ass.

A slave is never going to accuse his mistress of not feeding him properly. She is a mistress that takes great pride in making sure her slave is well fed at all times, and she even invites her friends over for all of the fun. All of the people are going to take turns shitting into the slaves mouth, and making sure he feels like a human toilet and humiliated.

A sexy babe loves to go out for a night on the town, especially when it is during Christmas time. She has always loved all of the celebrations, but she also loves to do certain things that can be considered really unruly and cruel. The very first thing she is going to do is take a nice warm shit on the sidewalk, because she wants to startle all of the residents.

Alexa is not a mistress than any slave should mess with. She also loves to cook and do interesting projects in the kitchen. One of her very interesting projects involves baking, but the ingredients are way different than anything she has ever done before. She is going to use her own shit to make a special type of casserole just for her slave. Of course, she will make him brownies too.

Slaves are not known for being very clean or tidy. A mistress is going to find out just how pathetic her slave is when she realizes that he shows up to her house dirty. Therefore, the only thing she could think of to do is to get very hard-core and extreme. She is going to make him eat up her shit and at the same time she will humiliate him.

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