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Clips of sexy shitting girls

Lady Scarlet realized early on that her professor was biased against her but she never got to know why. She did her best to pass the unit and to graduate with honors. But she never forgot what he made her go through and she had to teach him a lesson he had never been taught before. The mistress cruelly used her shit to teach him a lesson for the benefit of the other students coming after her.

Mistress Iside was not ok with the way this guy dared her. She had to do something to him to show him that she was not any guy he could say whatever he wanted to. So the mistress shocked the loser by forcing him to eat her shit and that is when he regretted what he had done and why he had dared her. He never dared anyone ever again.

Mistress Bastienne did not want to work with people who were jealous. She knew that they could easily be used by her detractors and so she had to change this one or to chase him away. She chose to shit on him and gauge the reaction. If he changed she would retain him and if he did not, she would have no choice but to fire him. He changed for the better.

Princess Brooke was pissed at how disloyal this guy was. She had to tame him and she had to do it in a cruel way. He was supposed to do things her way and that is why she chose to make him learn the hard lesson he needed to learn. That is how he found himself eating her shit and learning that he had to be loyal and that disloyalty has consequences.

This mistress was out to try a new way of having fun so she found herself trying fisting fetish. She had done it before but today she was doing it with a twist. She wanted to use her shit as lube for the fisting. The mistress did not care about what would happen in the event she used her shit on her pussy. All she wanted was the experience and she would deal with the consequences later.

Mistress Mummy wanted to show this guy what the price of being negative was. So she used her scat fetish to teach him a lesson. So she made him lie down and she instantly transformed him into a human toilet and he had no choice but to do what the mistress wanted. He stopped his negativity and changed for the better as he did not want to be degraded again.

Mistress Gaia knows how to shock guys into doing what she wants. That is what she did to this guy as he did not expect any of it from her and she was therefore able to scare him shitless and to control him. He tried to beg her for mercy but it was too late for him and he had no choice but to do things the way she wanted.

This guy tried to bully this mistress because she looked like someone who he could mess with. But he was shocked to learn that the mistress was not going to let anyone mess with him. And to prove that, she made him eat her shit after she splashed it on his face directly from her asshole. He wished he had never pissed her off as he was now suffering as a result.

This mistress is new to scat fetish and she wanted to understand it on a personal level before she brought slaves into it. That is why she went out of her way to play with it by herself so that she would know how to apply it when she needed to. The mistress had a great time and she spent hours in the bathroom by herself enjoying her newfound fetish.

This guy was a rumormonger per excellence and he started some rumors about mistress Candy. But the mistress was not one to plead with such a person to stop it. She made him stop it by shitting on him and forcing him to eat the shit. She told him there was more where that came from if he felt that he still had some rumors about her. He was also forced to go and apologize for the rumors and own up to what he had done.

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