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Clips of sexy shitting girls

Mistress Dula wanted to make sure that this loser ate her shit so that he would learn his lesson and never repeat his mistake. So she did what she had never done before and she ordered him to eat her poo. He could read the situation and he knew that she was not messing around. He did what she wanted and then cried later when she had gone so that she would not humiliate him some more.

Mistress Gunes had an issue with her ex because he was a pretender. He pretended to be a good person when he was not. When she found out, she knew she had fallen for a liar and con artist. So she had to end things with him and she did it by shitting on him. The guy was very shocked as he had never seen that side of mistress Gunes.

This guy was so clueless that this mistress had no choice but to shit on him. She ensured that he ate her shit and drank her pee before she was done with him. He was shocked and could not move as the mistress degraded him. He cried and tried to beg her for mercy but she ignored him and continued dominating him. She finally told him why she had done it.

Mistress Tassie has a fetish for outdoor pooping. She loves the fresh breeze on her ass as she takes a dump and she enjoys how she can just get up and walk away after she is done. That is why she loves to go to the woods and other remote areas as she knows she can do it without worrying about who is watching her or who is disgusted by what she does.

Mistress Dula had hired this guy to do some work for her but he did not do it as well as she had expected him to. She was pissed at him and she felt that he needed to do better. That is why she chose to degrade him with her shit so that he would never do to someone else what he had done to her. The punishment worked as he changed.

Mistress Anna and mistress Alice found out that their slave had faked sickness so as to get extra care from them and for them to pamper him. They cared about him and so they did it for him to get better. But when they realized he had been faking it, he had to know it was wrong and that it would not be tolerated again. So he had to eat shit.

Mistress Gaia rarely gets mad. And when she does, she usually does the unthinkable. There is no predicting what she can and cannot do in such instances. Today she filled this slave's face with poo because she was mad at him. He never expected her to do that even though she was unpredictable. He told himself that he had to stop pissing her off because she did not know what she would do.

Mistress Medea found out that she had lost her job because of her ex and she did not let him know that she had known. She lured him to her house and she made him eat her shit. He was shocked to find out that she knew. He had thought he would make her suffer because of what he had done but unknown to him, she was thriving better than before as she had gotten an even better job.

Mistress Anna was overwhelmed with requests for scat fetish tutorial and she knew she had to make one. Since many mistresses had realized that it was a great way to punish or humiliate, they wanted to do it and they knew she was good at it. So today she made them a scat fetish video tutorial for them to see how to go about it and how to make it suit their circumstances.

Mistress Nemezis had told her slave to keep everything in her house organized. But he was nosy and he ended up disorganizing her documents. She was angry and she had to put an end to that. He was punished with shit, something he had never imagined even in his wildest dreams. He ate it as he knew he was wrong and he did not want to anger her more than she already was.

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