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Clips of sexy shitting girls

The Girls came together after school to abuse their Toilet Slave by lifting up their school girl skirts to cover the slaves mouth in their big brown shit. The three hot brunettes bend over and raise their skirts to give the slaves a face full of their hot shit on top of the toilet seats. They do not hold back covering the slaves in their own school girl shit.

It's a Scat Party 2011 as the three sexy ladies, Lady Angie, Lady Grace and Princess Nikki use two toilet slaves as their own personal human toilets in the shower stall. The sexy blonde ladies make a mess of the slaves faces as they have them lie down and open their mouth wide to take in all of their hot messy shit. The slaves get a huge bunch of shit.

This Amateur chick with her plump pussy takes a nice shit into the toilet bowl. First she starts off with little brown turds and than pushes out the big log letting it all out into the bowl. She shows off her nice plump hairless pussy as she starts to take a shit over the bowl. The little brown turds come out first before the appearance of the big poop.

The two girls are at home at midnight, ready to go to sleep when one of them feels the urge to take a nice shit before they go to bed. The hot brunette with the curly hair has needed to go all day and she gives a full view of her spread ass hole as she sits over the toilet seat and lets a nice brown nugget drop.

The Scat Ladies Princess Nikki and Rachel must shit at the same time. Their toilet slaves are waiting outdoors for them. After the scat ladies take their shits they let their toilet slaves clean their dirty brown ass holes with their tongues. The ladies laugh and kiss each other as their pathetic slaves lick the shit from their ass hoes. Who need toilet paper when they have a slaves tongue.

Sexy Jenicha sticks her thick dildo up hr pink snatch which forces her to excrete a nice brown log from her tight ass hole. She spoiled her wet pussy with her large dildo and that caused her to take a nice hot shit out of her ass hole. She spreads both of her holes open wide to give you a good glimpse of the shit peaking through her ass.

Domina Victoria is always up for a good time with her slave. She loves to have her slave get in his full body leather outfit that restricts him. She also has fun with scat play. Domina Victoria is going to push out a very long shit right on her slave's face. The slave is used to eating her shit, and making sure he licks up every bit.

Pinknwets can take a simple poo and turn it into a wonderful time shitting. She is going to make sure her shit is very big, smelly, and so bad. She will get her asshole right above the edge of a counter, and start pushing. Pinknwets will get the poo out of her asshole and on the counter. She is very proud of her huge shitty mess.

An ebony mistress had a huge bowl of ice cream last night, but now the ice cream is starting to make her have a huge urge to shit. She will start to spray shit all over the inside of her toilet, but she is also going to share her ass problems with her slave. Her slave will be forced to sniff the inside of the toilet as she is shitting and farting.

Keisha is a very strong ebony mistress with a huge ass. One of the benefits of having such a huge ass is her ability to take huge shits. Keisha will sit on her special toilet and push out a huge shit right on the face of her slave. Her slave is laying there taking in all the shit. He must eat all of the poop.

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