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This mistress has gone to lots of dates. She is hot and she literally gets date proposals everyday. But she had never gone to a date as bad as the one she had gone with this guy. It was so bad that she could not erase it from her mind. So she replaced that memory with the one where she made the guy eat her shit so that he would never do it again.

Goddess Dream had reached a dead end and for her to get herself out of it and continue to advance her cause, she had to dominate this guy which she did using her shit. The mistress wanted to scare the shit out of him so that he would play along and do what she wanted so that she would find it easy to advance her own cause. It all went according to plan.

This mistress was nice to her delivery guy and he mistook it for an invitation to hit on her. But she did not like the road he was on and he told him off. But he did not get the hint and he pissed her off. She took that chance to shit on him and to make him eat her poo and drink her pee. He never did that again.

Madam Tulpan wanted this guy to realize that he could not get away with discrimination. He had been openly discriminating against other people and he had to be called out on it. That is why the mistress made sure he had to eat her poo as that would send him a message and he would never piss her off because he knew what would happen to him if he did.

This guy was attracted to mistress Mia. She is gorgeous and naughty so it was easy to see why he was attracted to her. But that was not all for her as she wanted to torture him for her own fun. That is why the mistress used her shit to do it. In a short time, she had managed to turn him into her human toilet and he had his face and mouth filled with her shit. It all happened as she turned him on and controlled him.

Lady Tora was out to make this guy fear her. She tried to look for the perfect way to achieve that and she settled on scaring him with her shit. The mistress knew that she had only one chance to truly scare him and that is why she used her shit to do it. The mistress forced him to eat her poo and he was truly scared of her and obeyed all her commands.

This mistress tried to look for who to try scat fetish on and she settled on her ex because she had nothing to lose by shitting on him. She did not want to pay anyone to eat her shit and she did not want to shit on someone who did not deserve it. That is why it was easier for the mistress to shit on her ex than anyone else.

Madame Ellen had a meeting with this guy. But the guy did not keep time and he ended up messing up her schedule. The mistress chose to do something that the guy had never experienced before in his life and that was to use her shit to punish him. As he ate her shit, he realized that he had to learn to keep time at all times and he changed.

Mistress Melania and her husband were in bed when he lamented that they were no longer as adventurous as they used to be. She agreed with him and she asked him whether he would be down for some kinky adventure from her. He said yes and she got on top of him, facesat on him and proceeded to shit on him. She then made him lick her ass and drink her pee.

Mistress Vivian found out the guy who snitched on her and she did not like it. She had to teach him the value of not snitching. He had made his bed now he had to lie on it. And she made sure it was a humiliating affair as she made him eat her poo and before she was done with him, she had him drink her urine. He learned his lesson.

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