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Lady Scarlet wanted to demonstrate to her friend how to shit on a slave. Her friend had an interest in knowing how to do it but she had never seen it done and that is where the mistress came in. She turned this slave into a toilet slave and a human toilet as her friend watched. When she was done doing her thing, she asked her friend to give it a try too.

Mistress Haley hates indecision and that is what she did today. She felt that the best thing to do to this loser was to punish him in a manner he was not likely to forget any time soon and that is exactly what she did to him. He was turned into a shit slave and he was made to eat her poo before she was done with him. It worked out.

Mistress Medea wanted to end her relationship with this guy and she felt that she had to do something he would always remember her by. That is why she chose to use her shit fetish to do it. He was humiliated and dominated by the things that she did and he ended the relationship the way she wanted him to do. She also had her friend help her with the degradation.

This guy was a coward and madame Ellen did not like cowardice. She had to deal with him the way she knew how. That is why she opted to cruelly torture him and she did not hesitate to do it. It was degrading as she made the guy eat her shit and lick her asshole clean. He never saw it coming but he had no choice other than to stop his cowardice.

Mistress Dula needed to shit on this guy to send a message and she did it without thinking twice. She smoked a bit before she did what she wanted. It was fun for them and they had to ensure that it was as cruel as it needed to be. The mistresses had fun making him eat poo and drink pee before they felt it was enough and they asked him to leave.

Mistress Anna gets easily annoyed. And when she is annoyed, she does not keep quiet. She has to punish whoever annoyed her and that is what she did today. The mistress chose to cruelly dominate and degrade this guy. She did this with her shit and the guy never forgot what she did to him. The taste of her shit was always in his mouth and it was a reminder for him.

Mistress Dula and her friend had to try new things for fun and today they chose to use their shit. They had never tried toilet slavery and that was on the menu for them today. They had caught this loser doing the wrong thing and that is why they used him for their selfish ends. The mistresses used their shit to punish and humiliate the loser and it was fun for them.

Mistress Alexandra wanted to degrade and humiliate this slave. So she did it with her poo to make it even more lively and interesting. This is because in as much as she wanted to humiliate him, she also wanted to have fun as she did it. That is why she opted to record it so that she could watch it at a later date and relive the experience she had.

Mistress Medea wanted to shit on this slave because he was too stingy. She did not want anything from him but he was stingy even to himself and she did not like that. The mistress had to dominate and degrade him which she did with pee and poo. He had never in his wildest dreams ever thought he would be made to eat shit or do anything of the sort.

Queen Siya made her slave eat a stew which was full of shit. She did not make it optional for him and he was shocked at the way in which she decided to degrade and humiliate him. The mistress made sure that the guy was not only degraded, but that he was also scared. The combination was important as it would ensure that he learned his lesson and never pissed her off again.

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