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Mistress Wael had an issue with this guy and she had to sort him out so that he stopped being a pain in her butt. The mistress went ahead to facesit on him and when he thought that that was all, the mistress went ahead to force him to eat her shit as well and he had no choice but to do it as she had ordered him to do.

Mistress Wael wanted this guy to have a little fun after the torture and humiliation she had put him through. The mistress used her shit to degrade him and he had no choice but to eat her poo. When he was done, she felt pity for him and she jerked him off and at least he was able to cum and he had some fun despite what she had done to him earlier.

Mistress Wael felt that she was not getting her money's worth from this trainer and she had to do her best to get it. So she asked him to change and train her better in the areas she wanted and not what he thought she wanted but he did not change. She had no choice but to shit on him and that was when he changed as he realized she was not going to budge.

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