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This mistress tried shit fetish to humiliate and punish her slave. But the smell was too much for her and she found herself feeling nauseous. She made the slave eat the shit from a bowl and then she threw up inside the bowl and he had to mix the two and then eat it. The cruel mistress made sure her slave ate it all and even licked the bowl and the spoon.

Goddess Andrea wanted to chase away her slave. He had not been too helpful to her even after being punished a few times. She wanted to cut her losses and get a new one but she had to do one more thing before she sent him away. She tortured him using her shit fetish. She wanted him to feel the pain of being a loser and not being a helpful slave.

Mistress Anna was teaching her friend princess Nastia how to punish and humiliate a slave when she found the theory a bit too much. She got a slave and showed Nastia how to do it practically. The mistresses shit on the slave and forced him to eat it. They smoked while humiliating him because the cigarette smoke made the smell of the shit bearable for the mistresses as they degraded the slave.

Mistress Alina enjoys shit the way other mistresses love ice cream and chocolate. Today she came home early and she did not have anything better to do. So she decided to enjoy her shit fetish. She went to the bathroom and she shit on her panties and played with the shit on it. She was not bothered by how unsightly it looked not how bad it smelled. She just wanted to play with it and she did.

Mistress JosslynKane has a thing for scat fetish. Besides doing it for fun, she also likes to do it for money. She has online tutorials where she shows guys how to do it and they pay for it. Today she was showing some mistresses how to enjoy scat fetish themselves and not to use it as a punishment method. She undressed seductively and played with herself a bit before she inserted dildos in her asshole and they came out with her shit which she played with as well.

This mistress and her lover are into shit. They like dirty things and like to get down and dirty. They like using their scat fetish as foreplay. Today the mistress surprised her love with their fetish and got her to suck a big black dildo before they smeared each with shit. This made them hornier and hornier and they used the black dildo to get to the promised land sexually.

These two hot mistresses are college students. They come from humble backgrounds and they wanted to have money for clothes, going out and buying expensive stuff that they saw with other girls. They decided to try scat fetish and see if it would give them money. They did it and the response grew steadily because of their dedication as well as their elegance and beauty. They got what they wanted by creating a blog for their fetish.

This mistress knew this guy had a crush on her and could do anything she wanted. She had always wanted to try a scat fetish and she made him eat her shit. It was cool! To make it worse, her friend watched it all.

This guy had conned these mistresses of their cash and they planned to punish him. They made him lie down naked and shit in his mouth and made him eat it

My friends and I were having fun when we decided to try something we've never tried. So we discussed and agreed to try a scat fetish. And it was awesome!

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