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Mistress Anna wanted this loser to learn a lesson. She was not going to let him off the hook that easily. She had to do something that would send a message that she was not a pushover. She lured him to her house where she turned him into her human toilet and pooped on him. She only let him go after he had eaten her poo and drank her pee.

Mistress Alina loves to shit and not only because it is a biological function, but because she likes to have fun with her shit. She always records her shits and even takes videos of her shit passing through her anus. It is a lot of fun for her and she never goes a long time without doing it. She has a collection of photos and videos in her smart phone.

Mistress Anna could not believe that her slave had been recording her going to the bathroom. She was pissed and she decided to make him part of her shitting experience. She turned him into a human toilet and she shit into his mouth. She made sure he chewed her shit and then swallowed him and asked him if that was enough and whether he needed some more. He never recorded her again.

This mistress is cunning. She had used this guy but wanted to deny him the sex he wanted from her. She thought of a clever way to avoid doing anything with him and she settled on doing some nasty things so as to turn him off. She flirted with him and teased him. She put on a show for him and she shit and asked him to lick her shit and he fled.

Mistress Alina wanted to play a prank on her slave. She took a dump on a plate and she mixed it with other foods. She then garnished it and placed it in an airtight container to avoid it smelling. She waited for her slave to come home and she gave him the food to eat. He was starving and he dug in before he realized he had been played and was eating shit.

Mistress Anna is a clean freak. Her friends tried to mess with her by telling her they would give her a lot of money if she went ahead and shit on a slave and made him eat her shit as she watched. The mistresses was surprised by the strange request but she was so broke that she agreed to do it. In as much as it was tough for her, she managed to endure it and get the money from her friends. They never expected her to go through with it.

Mistress Emily found out that her slave was leaking secrets about her to her neighbors. She is a reserved person and her neighbors were not able to know anything about her till her slave told them. So she punished her slave for it and forced him to keep his mouth shut. She shit into his mouth and ordered him to swallow her shit. That taught him the lesson she wanted him to learn.

This mistress had a stomach upset which was brought about by the food her slave had made for her. So she did not want to suffer alone. She decided to share the suffering with her slave so she made her slave eat her shit because it was a product of what he had cooked. By the time she was done with him, he knew he had to learn to cook better.

Mistress Anna was teaching her friend princess Nastia how to punish and humiliate a slave when she found the theory a bit too much. She got a slave and showed Nastia how to do it practically. The mistresses shit on the slave and forced him to eat it. They smoked while humiliating him because the cigarette smoke made the smell of the shit bearable for the mistresses as they degraded the slave.

Mistress Anna had always heard of scat fetish but she had never bothered to find out what it was. But today she was bored and she went online to find out. She became interested to find out how it would feel to try it. So she got herself a slave and she tried all the nasty things she had seen and some which she imagined. The poor guy had to eat her shit and swallow it.

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