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This loser slave in sitting on his feet with his mistresses high heels digging deep into his legs as she stands on his thighs and puts her ass right into his face. She really has to take a massive shit and when she pushees it out it is all wet and creamy. The loser slave has his face completely covered with her hot stinky shit and she rubs her ass all over his face and then makes him lick her ass clean!

Sexy Cherry is all decked out in her stockings and high heels for you. She lets you watch her as she squats over a magazine and unleashes her shit and piss all over it. Her hot and creamy poop lands right on the magazine and for your enjoyment while she stands over it with her legs opened wide, balancing on her sexy heels so you can take in every sight.

Lady Milena has plenty of shit for her toilet slave today. She makes him lie on the floor while she crouches down on top of a step stool. She hangs her luscious ass over so her asshole will be right over her slave's mouth. She shits out a pile of large turds that fill his mouth. She turns around to see his mouth full of shit so she takes her high heels and uses them to shove the shit in his mouth.

Lara is a sexy hooker wearing bright red high heel boots as she has some fun with her loser slave. She makes him kneel on the floor in the bathroom and she has him hold her hand under her ass. She then pushes out her creamy load and it falls into his hands and she makes him hold it all until she is all done shitting. Then she wants him to eat her creamy shit load in his hands.

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