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This mistress has a gorgeous ass and because of it, she had an admirer. She felt that she had to put an end to this guy's attention and advances. She had told him off but he did not want to stop. So the mistress did what she does best and she used her shit to punish him. He was shocked at what she did to him and how she forced him to eat poo. He never bothered her again after that.

Mistress Nemezis is big on loyalty and when she noticed that this slave was disloyal to her, she had to dominate him which she did with her poo. The mistress had him eat her poo and he did not know what to do but he knew that if he did not do it he would be punished even worse than she had already done to him. So he toed the line.

Madame Ellen could not believe it when this guy requested her to shit on him. He wanted to eat her shit and she thought that she had heard her wrong. So she asked him to repeat what he had said and he did. He told her clearly that he wanted to eat her poo. The shocked mistress agreed and had the guy eat her shit as she tried to make sense of it.

Mistress Yara found this guy infuriating and she was not ok with it. She felt that she had to punish him and that is why she searched for the best way to do it. She settled on shitting on him and that is what she did to him. The mistress had him eat her shit and by the time she was done with him, he wished that they had never met.

Goddess Tempest felt that this slave needed to be warned and she did it with her scat fetish. The mistress felt that this slave would mess up with her if she did not send a strong warning and so she was duty bound to put him in his place. And that is how she made the guy lick her shit and eat it. The slave never went against her word.

Lady Luci wanted to get feared so she made sure that this loser would do so through her scat fetish. The mistress did not give a fuck what the loser felt. What she was interested in was only the end game and that is why she chose to shit on him as it was a brutal punishment and it did the trick. The guy could see her ass and pussy but could not enjoy them.

When this guy was jerked off by this mistress, he was over the moon and he knew that the mistress, who had a hot ass and a big tits, was going to fuck him. But it never came to pass as the mistress turned him into a toilet slave. The mistress jerked him off and then she made him eat her shit. After he had eaten it, she made him lick her asshole clean.

Goddess K was pissed off by this guy and she had to get her revenge. She used her fetish for poo to teach him a lesson she was sure he would never forget in a very long time to come. She asked him to be her human toilet and he knew it was a trap and he could do nothing about it. He ate her shit by being her toilet slave and he learned his lesson.

When this mistress realized that this loser had not done what they had agreed about, she was pissed and she sought to teach him a lesson she knew he would never forget. She did so by shitting on him and making him eat the poo. She did not care how he felt or what happened to him. She warned him that she could do worse to him if he messed with her again.

This mistress noticed that her husband had developed a habit of sexting other women and she was not happy about it. She had to do something about it and she did. She forced him to eat her shit and told him she would not tolerate what he did. And if he did not change, the mistress promised she would do something far worse than what she had done to him that day.

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