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Hot scat queen Candy bends over so she can squeeze out a big turd. You have a perfect view of her asshole as it starts to spread and a massive shit start poking through. Her dirty asshole gets bigger and bigger as the turds grow larger in size. Candy looks so hot on all fours with her bare pussy showing as she squeezes out a pile of poo just for you. Her poo is long and thick as it is pinched off.

This is sweet Stephi Poo and she has a special scat treat for you today. She sits on the floor naked and lifts her legs up so she can spread her asshole. She starts pushing out turds and they are messy. They are black and stringy and makes a pile of messy black turds in the floor. She loves cooking up little treats like black shit for you so you can imagine eating it. Get nice and close until you can smell it.

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