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This mistress was tired of shitting in the toilet. She turned her sink into a toilet and enjoyed shitting into it

Azzura's boyfriend wanted something hot and different. So she gave him extreme. She pooped and smeared the poop on herself while he watched from where she tied him to a chair

Mistress Gaia wanted to degrade her slave, and after doing a bit of research, she found out about scat fetishes. She liked it and decided to go ahead with it. She pooped in a bowl and her slave had to eat it

This mistress has a big ass and she uses it to excite and entertain people with scat fetishes. She likes undressing and then taking a dump in it. And the way she does it is sexy and great to watch

Some of the best scat videos are from teenagers. And this teenager, dressed only in her skimpy sundress, pushed her dress up and enjoyed peeing and shitting without any care in the world. It is an unmissable scat video

Lets watch Hot Jenicha defrost her shit patty's in the microwave and get ready to to chow down on her nummie gummy shit sandwich. So all you horny people can watch this gal go to town so we can make ourselves happy and enrich our lives by watching whatever we want because this is America! And thats how we roll, so just sit back and enjoy yourselves and get naked and I hope your pleased!

Hot Jenicha ate 3 dozen eggs the day before and 4 40-ounce bottles of dark beer and she ate 4 hot dogs. Yes her stomach has been turning all night long shes been waiting until she got up and had to take a big wet nasty shit so she could put it on camera for the whole world could watch. She takes off her panties and squats down and lets the crap flow down between her massive thunder thighs and all over the floor and her feet.

A mistress loves to do extreme things to herself, and one of them is taking a shit in the bathtub and smearing her shit all over herself. She loves to smell her own poo, but rubbing it all over her body makes her feel so naughty. She will even put her own shit in her pussy and rub it all over her clit to get herself off.

Jenicha hops up on the kitchen table to take a nice creamy shit right on top of it. She does a nice mushy shit on top of the table and pees a lot too making a very big mess to clean. She spreads her ass hole and pushes out the shit which comes out in a light brown color and is very stinky. She must have eaten a lot of dairy.

The scat queen Jenicha takes a nice hearty shit and then proceeds to place the big dark chocolate inside her mouth. She rubs the creamy piece of poo against her tongue sliding it in and out of her mouth before she eats her own shit. She didn't have nay dinner so she figured she'd grab a snack from her own anus and also turn you on in the process.

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