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This femdom has a massive pile of shit in her bowels and she wants you to watch as she lets it all slide out of her tight little asshole onto the floor. She gets down on her hands and knees and lets it explode in a giant rope and coil around itself on the floor like a shit snake. She talks the whole time to let you know she's enjoying it.

Sweet Betty is going to show you what you've always wanted to see and you had better appreciate it. She went through the trouble of setting up a camera. She stands in the tub wearing sexy black nylons and spreads her legs wide. She unleashes a torrent of piss that runs down her legs and fills her boots. That's when she turns around and lets her asshole fill up her stockings with nasty, gooey shit.

Veronica Mendoza is a beautiful Latina mistress who has a nice treat for you and she is going to serve it up with class. She strips nude giving you a boner then puts a bowl in the floor. She spreads her ass over the bowl and opens her asshole wide. She pushes out some warm and spongy turds into the bowl. She wants you to chew them up and swallow them.

Mistress Gaia has locked you into her toilet and and has decided to explain exactly what she intends to do to you while you lay there helplessly. She explains how she is going to let her two daughter use your face as their personal toilet first before she pulls down her own panties to sit right over your mouth and let her delicious and creamy shit cascade down your throat.

These mistresses had a bet and whoever won it was at liberty to do whatever she liked to the other one. The winner of the bet decided she wanted to have the other mistress eat her shit and it had to be done. She shit directly into the mouth of the other mistress and she had no option but to eat and swallow all that shit that was delivered into her mouth.

These mistresses are not your ordinary lesbian couple. They like to have extreme kind of fun. They like it when they do things that no ordinary person can stand or do. They had done a lot and were wondering what to do next. They decided to have steamy sex while applying shit on their bodies. They collected their shit and then smeared it on their bodies and faces and kissed with the shit on their faces and mouths.

Alexa wanted her blog to rock. So she had a closeup of herself fingering herself and then made another one of herself unleashing a huge load of crap from her asshole and uploaded them

Candy is showing you what it's like to be a toilet slave. This is the POV of a toilet slave who lies under her ready to receiver her shit in his mouth. Her sweet little naked ass covers the hole in the toilet seat and her asshole starts to open up. The huge messy turds start falling out of her ass and you are right there as if you are inside her toilet bowl shit eating as her toilet slave.

Alexa loves nothing better than she loves poo. When she eats different kinds of food, it is so that she can have a variety of poop. She then smears this poop on herself and makes videos

This slave had grown too big for his shoes, and I wanted to cut him down to size. And I did it perfectly with my poo fetish

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