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Mistress Ann had tried to mold her slave and make him tolerant but he was not and that was not ok with her. That is why she had to punish him and she did not hesitate to do so. The mistress used her shit to do it and by the time she was done with him, he had eaten a ton of shit and had also drank a lot of pee.

Mistress Anna noticed that her enemies were getting closer to her and some of the information they were using against her was only available to a few people. So she had to audit her inner circle and she realized that her slave was sabotaging her. She was not going to accept that and she had to punish him. He was fed shit before he was chased away like a stray dog.

Mistress Gaia is an unpredictable girl. Her followers love that about her. Today she surprised them with a scat show as she dominated this guy who had pissed her off. They watched as the guy was made to eat her poo and lick her asshole clean. He was both a human toilet as well as a human toilet paper and he was so scared of her that he did both perfectly.

No one appreciates a good lay like this mistress. She wanted to feel it in her but the guy she chose for it was not a good lay. He had a small dick and he did not even satisfy her. Worst of all, he was a one minute man. She was pissed off and had to punish him. She made him lay down naked and she used her gloves to feed him shit, which was what his game was.

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