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Mistress Iside was not ok with the way this guy dared her. She had to do something to him to show him that she was not any guy he could say whatever he wanted to. So the mistress shocked the loser by forcing him to eat her shit and that is when he regretted what he had done and why he had dared her. He never dared anyone ever again.

Madam Tulpan was minding her own business when this guy tried to bully her. She did not like that very much and she had to do something about it since she did not want the guy to think that she was powerless against him and that she would let him get away with it. So she turned him into a scat slave and she forced him to eat her shit. He got a taste of his own medicine.

Lady Biac loves to dominate and to be dominated. That is what she and her boyfriend did. He dominated her and deepthroated her. She was turned on and he fucked her hard from behind. She then took over and she dominated him by making him eat her shit. He loved how hard she went at him and they had another round again and it was awesome for both of them.

Mistress Anna did not want to argue with her slave. So she sent her a message. She wanted her slave to realize who the boss in that household was. She used poo to send the message because she did not want it to be misinterpreted. She cruelly forced the poor guy to eat her shit and to lick her asshole when he was done. He was her human toilet as well as human toilet paper.

Princess Nikki knew this guy had a crush on her. She did not feel the same way towards him so she decided to have fun at his expense today because she was bored. She invited him to her house and he came running. He was so excited and she took advantage of it to lie to him that she gets turned on when someone licks and smell her ass. She then facesat on him and she surprised him by shitting on him.

Mistress Anita lost her stuff and she knew that her slave was responsible for it. She tried to ask him politely but he did not say anything. She got concerned and she decided to use a different strategy. She called him to where she was promising him lots of drinks but she did not provide any drinks. She instead took a shit into his mouth and made sure he ate all of it. Then she asked him and this time he talked.

When it comes to degradation, this mistress is one of the best. When this loser made fun of her big ass, she used it to humiliate him. She made him watch her take a dump and told him to insert his face in the toilet and lick her shit as well as drink the toilet water. She told him she did not want to shit directly into his face or mouth.

This mistress had given her plumber a job but he did not carry it out the way she wanted and ended up not solving her problem. She was pissed and had to teach him a lesson and also make him sole the issue without asking her for additional money. She had wanted her toilet fixed but since it was not yet fixed, she used the plumber as her human toilet.

Mistress Gaia was pissed that this guy wanted to have anal sex with her. She did not like it and tried to dissuade him but he refused. When she realized that he was serious, she decided to humiliate him in order to send her own message. She turned around and used him as her human toilet. She shit on his face and forced him to eat and swallow the shit.

Mistress Miranda had to make sure her slave was humiliated. She did not want to shit on him and make him eat it. That was messy and she did not want all that. She instead decided to shit on a plate and then have him eat it with his mouth the way a dog eats food from its bowl. She then got on her phone and started chatting with her friend while he ate the shit.

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