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This toilet slave is beaten and tortured but that is just the beginning of his humiliation. This scorching hot mistress in stockings and high heels stands over him and squats down with her pussy in his face filling his mouth and face with piss. Then she pushes messy diarrhea out of her ass into his mouth. It fills his mouth and spills over the sides and he has to eat every chunk of it.

This amazing scat princess with stockings and a perfect body has a bit of a stomach issue. That's okay because she has a toilet slave ready and willing to eat her messy scat. She squats down over his face with her asshole spread wide open. Messy, smelly and soft diarrhea falls out of her asshole and into his mouth. The loose turds fill his mouth and spill out the sides.

This loser slave is laying on the floor with her head on a jack so that he can be raised higher and lower like an office chair for his sexy mistress to sit on. His face is soon covered by her bare ass and her creamy shit as she uses him as a human toilet and covers him with her creamy diarrhea. She shows him no mercy and forces him to eat her shit and lick her asshole clean.

It is an all out poop fest as the Japanese school girls receive enemas and have very wet diarrhea into the toilet below. They lift up their hot school girl skirts and the poop comes squirting hard out of their asses into the toilets below. It is a stinky wet mess as the ladies squirt the hot diarrhea out of their asses making a mess of the hot portable toilets

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