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Jenicha takes a thick sausage on a football and then rubs the shit on the ball making a mess of the ball with her brown stains and a mess on the bed sheets. The shit comes out of her ass like a curly brown snake falling onto the football below. She scoops it up and rubs it onto the white ball turning it brown and messing up the bed sheets.

Sexy Jenicha sticks her thick dildo up hr pink snatch which forces her to excrete a nice brown log from her tight ass hole. She spoiled her wet pussy with her large dildo and that caused her to take a nice hot shit out of her ass hole. She spreads both of her holes open wide to give you a good glimpse of the shit peaking through her ass.

Jenicha does what she does best and takes a nice hot creamy shit on the bathroom floor. The shit comes out of her anus nice and creamy as she spreads it and takes a nice hearty dump on the floor. Jenicha loves to take a shit wherever she goes and today she feels like taking a shit in the bathroom on the bathroom floor. The shit is nice and creamy.

You dirty rat! I know that you love to watch me shitting! I already can see the bulge in your pants! You want to jerk-off? Pervert! But of course... I will spread my legs for you. Now you have a nice view at my shaved pussy and my tight asshole. And here I go! I press out this tiny piece of shit just for you! Come and get your chocolate drops now, my little pervert! And join me while I finish smoking my cigarette...!

The scat queen Jenicha takes a nice shit into the container and holds it out in front of you knowing you can't resist a piece of her fresh shit. It is very smelly but you can't resist as Jenicha holds her own shit between her fingers teasing you with it and then spreading her lovely ass hole to take some more shit for the slave. Jenicha will think about it.

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