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This employee was incompetent as he had lied on his resume. She needed to hire someone quickly and she did based on his resume. So she had to make sure that he learned on the job and that he did it quickly. She forced him to eat her poo and it was the rude awakening he had never imagined he would face but it taught him to learn quickly and he did.

This little loser pissed off the wrong mistress and he regretted it immediately. The mistress turned the guy into a toilet slave and forced him to eat her shit. She did not care what he felt as she did her thing on him and that is how he realized that he had messed with the wrong mistress. Even without being told, the guy knew he would never do it again.

Lady Shay is a control freak and she loves to control people. She feels useless and exposed when she does not control people and so she had to make sure even this guy was under her control. But the guy proved a little difficult for her and she did not know how to react to that. So she made him eat her shit to scare him into submitting to her control.

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