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Goddess L was shocked at the kind of guts her father in law had to try and hit on her. Her husband was not home as he had gone for work out of the country and her father in law thought he could hit on her and take care of her sexually. She was so pissed that she turned him into a scat slave and forced him to eat her shit.

Goddess L felt that this guy was not a good cook and she had to humiliate him for it. She did not want to deal with a guy who did not know how to cook well and it was worse since she was paying him for it. So she was essentially paying someone to cook her bad or poor food. She made him eat her shit so that he changed and learned to cook better food.

Madame Du B felt that she was not getting value for her money with this slave and she had to punish him for it. The mistress did not want to change and follow the instructions of the mistress and that is how and why she had to teach him a lesson. The mistress had a great time shitting on him and as he ate her shit, he realized that he had to change.

Goddess K loves to weaponize different things and today she managed to weaponize her shit. She enjoyed how she was able to turn her shit into a weapon and this loser could not do anything about it. All he was required to do and which he did without much question was to eat the pee and wash it down with her urine. He knew the consequences of refusal would be too grave for him.

Goddess L had tried to talk to this guy but she was shocked that he did not seem to change or even do anything they had agreed about. She felt that that was because he had not learned his lesson. And so she used her poo to dominate him and to get him to change. After he ate her shit, he changed because of how cruel the punishment was for him.

Goddess L loves to shock guys and the latest person to get shocked by her was this guy who thought that he had a chance with her. He was shocked when instead of having a chance, she made him eat her shit and drink her pee. He shit himself while eating her shit because of the way in which he was scared and was afraid of what she would do to him.

This loser did not know what the mistress had in store for him. He was turned on by what she did and he did not think about what motive she might have had. And that is why the mistress chose to use her shit to dominate and humiliate the unsuspecting loser until it dawned on him that she was more interested in dominating him than she was interested in him.

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