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Clips of sexy shitting girls

There is no time to waste and if you can do two things at the same time, why not do it? This mistress needs to study but she wants to do this while having some fun with her toilet slave. She will shit on his mouth and on his face while he will sit on the floor with his head under her ass. He will close his mouth after that.

This is a close view of goddess Susi shitting in her pants. She knows what she is doing and no one can do it better then her. She's a real mistress of poop and she can take the scat fetish to a higher level when it comes to high levels of excitement. She is so sexy doing this and we all can agree that she is one of a kind.

This sexy girls are true on what they do and this slave will get a real dose of shit on his face from this femdoms. The mistresses will let go of all the poop in his mouth and on his face. He will take care of this business and he will swallow all the shit from his femdoms. Their asses look good while shitting and he likes to see that.

This girls are out for some fun. They love to shit outdoor and now it is the perfect moment to do that. This femdoms know what is what when it comes to personal entertainment and their asses shitting in the wide open air is a very nice feeling. Nothing can stop them and the dusk will see them shitting like nobody else. Blonde and brunettes, the sexiest mistresses are here.

This mistress wants to punish her slave. He is caged and she will make him clean her ass hole after she delivers a long turd in a bowl. He will not be allowed to have dinner if he will not clean her butt. This femdom is not joking and her slave must obay her orders or he will be punished really bad. He will do it because he can't refuse.

This hot mistress has no care and she likes to do naughty things when she's bored. Today, for example, she will shit in the bowl standing on her feet. This thing will give her a cool feeling, besides the fun of it. This is not the first time when she does that. She did it before and now she wants to repeat it. Her sexy ass will be on air.

Mistress Gaia has locked you into her toilet and and has decided to explain exactly what she intends to do to you while you lay there helplessly. She explains how she is going to let her two daughter use your face as their personal toilet first before she pulls down her own panties to sit right over your mouth and let her delicious and creamy shit cascade down your throat.

These sexy and young femdoms have no use for men other than their ability to eat up every drop of their delicious and creamy shit so the women don't have to clean. They force the men to the floor in order to squat right over their faces and let their creamy poop drop right into their open mouths. Once they're finished with their shitting, they make sure that it all gets swallowed.

There is a slave locked in the toilet, but these women don't seem to notice. They go about their routine of preparing for a party and taking massive shits. They need to make sure that their bowels are completely empty before the night out, so they unleash nasty and creamy poop right into the toilet slave's face as he just lays there are take it all. Maybe he's enjoying it.

Four sexy women are waiting for the man in the bathroom to finish his business so they can use it. When he takes too long, they pull him out and use him as a human toilet. They force him to the ground and show him what they needed the toilet for by shitting all over his face and torso. Once they've finished their business, they smush the creamy shit into his face with their bare feet.

This super sexy, blonde may not like men, but she loves women so much that she begs to eat the sweet shit that comes out of their asses. Whether she's shoving her face in between ass cheeks to taste that delicious shit or letting the other girls hand feed it to her, she let's it stay right on her tongue so she can enjoy every single second of tasting that lesbian shit.

This sexy mistress has just gotten home from a long day of spending her slave's hard earned money. To thank him, she's decided to shit down his throat. Calling him before she got back, she ordered him into position on the floor so she could immediately drop her pants and squat over his face. He opens his mouth to receive her long and creamy turd and relishes the taste as he swallows.

Sexy Mistress Isabella is training her new slave and today's lesson is all about how to swallow every drop of her delicious shit. Wearing a black mask and keeping his mouth wide open, he lets a long stream of her creamy and brown shit flow right onto his tongue so he can enjoy the lovely taste before hungrily swallowing every last bit to come out of her divine little asshole.

Sexy Cherry is all decked out in her stockings and high heels for you. She lets you watch her as she squats over a magazine and unleashes her shit and piss all over it. Her hot and creamy poop lands right on the magazine and for your enjoyment while she stands over it with her legs opened wide, balancing on her sexy heels so you can take in every sight.

Sexy Miss Jane and her dominating friend are fed up with their slave, so they have decided to feed him some of their delicious shit. The scat queens set him up under a comfortable toilet seat and let their piss and shit rain right into his open mouth until they are completely emptied and satisfied. To make sure he gets all of his vitamins, they stuff the shit deep into his mouth so he can swallow.

These mistresses wanted to show this slave what they thought of him. He thought he was very important but the mistresses wanted to prove otherwise. So they called him and humiliated him like he never imagined possible. They made him lie down naked and they shit into his mouth which they had forced him to open. They did not care what he thought or felt. They just wanted to humiliate him.

Mistress Candy likes to see all the kinds of shit that come out of her ass. She likes to challenge herself to try something better and different than the last time. This time round she wanted to have a very long shit. She tried but she always came short. However, this time she managed to do it because she produced a very long shit that surprised even her. She even posted it online.

Mistress Chrystal was working when she realized that her worker had not done what she had asked him to do. They were about to lose a client because he had not done what he was supposed to and she was mad. She took him to her office and as punishment, she shit on his face and forced him to swallow it. Then she told him to do the work in record time or be fired.

Sarah and her friend are into shit. When she went to visit her friend, she was surprised when she found her friend had turned her slave into a human toilet. They undressed and had fun shitting on the slave. They did not just shit on the slave, but they shit directly into his mouth and forced the poor guy to swallow all the shit that went into his mouth and he did.

When these mistresses had a party at Sharlene's house, they did all the routine stuff. It promised to be one of those regular nights where they drank and partied all night. But they did not know she had a surprise for them. She brought in a slave whom they had to humiliate. They shit on his face and made him eat their shit. He had no option but to do as they wanted.