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This mistress loves to shit but unlike her friends who have a scat fetish, she does not like to shit on people. She prefers to enjoy her shit on her own. She loves touching her big, sexy boobs as she gets her nice round ass to do the shitting. She enjoys doing all that and making sure that she has a lot of fun in the process like she did today.

Mistress Anna was tired and she did not feel like trampling or beating up her slave. She asked her friend to do it for her but she was not in the mood either. So she decided to shit on her slave so she improvised a toilet seat and used it to shit on the slave. It looked interesting and she was surprised when her friend joined her and wanted to have a go at the slave.

Mistress Roberta has a slave because she wants someone she can humiliate and degrade any time she feels like and for no reason at all. She had read about scat fetish online but she had never tried it till today. She had a lot of time on her hands and she decided to keep herself busy by shitting on her slave. She shit on his face and then shoved the shit into his mouth as he was reluctant to eat it.

This mistress hates spies. When she realized that this guy was one, she did not let him know. She hid the fact till she had him where she wanted him. She then tortured him using her shit. She fed it to him and made sure he chewed all of it and he swallowed it. She did it slowly for maximum impact and by the time she was done with him, she knew he would never spy again.

Mistress Kaidence did not like what she saw her slave do when she was not around. She had asked someone to spy on him and the report she got was not good. She was pissed and sought to teach him a lesson he would never forget. She went and shit into the toilet and instead of flushing, she made him remove the shit with his hands and then smear it on his face.

This mistress wanted to reward her slave for her loyalty and her good work. She had told him to write to her to tell her what he wanted. When she read his letter, she was surprised. He wanted her to touch herself and then to shit on him. She had promised to do what he wanted so she did it and she even shit on him and he had the chance to see and smell and touch her pussy and her ass.

When it comes to naughty fun, few mistresses are as good as this mistress. She likes to do anything that comes to mind and today what came to mind is shit fetish. She did not shy away from it. She looked for a slave who would do what she wanted and when she found one, she got down to it immediately. She had him eat her shit and drink her pee as she smoked.

Mistress Anna enjoys shitting on guys for no reason. She loves shit but loves depositing it in other people's mouths. She loves to tease and flirt with guys and make them believe she is genuinely interested in having fun with them. But many of them do not know where it all changes and they find themselves eating her shit and swallowing it for her own enjoyment after initially thinking they would have a share of them as well.

Mistress Contessa and mistress Rosella had a problem with this guy and had to do something about it. He was not listening to them and they were tired of having to repeat all that they had told him about. The mistresses forced him to lie down naked and they shit on him using an improvised toilet. The mistresses did not care what happened as long as he learned his lesson.

Mistress Alina woke up feeling like shitting. She had a stomach upset and she could not wait to relieve herself. But when she went to the bathroom, she found her slave was in there. She waited a few minutes and he did not come out. She waited some more still nothing. She went to the table and found he was about to eat and she shit on his glass and on his plate.

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