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Goddess Amirha knows she has an ass to die for and she likes to use it to have all kinds of fun. But today she wanted to use her ass to have fun with her shit so she used it to lure this guy to her apartment. When he came, she used it to drive him wild and when she was done, she forced him to eat her shit and swallow it.

Goddess Andrea is not your average mistress when it comes to punishment. If she feels like punishing someone, she will usually do it as cruelly as she can. She does not care what one feels. If she wants to do it, she will do it. And she likes to try different cruel methods. Today she was trying shit fetish. She forced her slave to eat her shit and she loved how cruel and brutal it was.

Mistress Isabella could not understand why her slave was not able to do what she had told him to do. She was pissed as it amounted to insubordination to her. She forced him to eat her shit as punishment for what he had done. She did not care that it was gross and degrading. The worse it was for him, the better it was for her and would ensure he never did it again.

Mistress Gaia wanted to show her slave the consequences of his disobedience. She had never punished her slave and he was beginning to misbehave. She had had enough and she taught him a great lesson. She forced him to eat her shit and made him learn that disobedience brought him all that misery. The mistress taught the slave a cruel lesson and he learned his lesson although the hard way.

Mistress Anna was forced by her friends to try scat fetish. She had been resisting the calls to do it but all her friends had tried it and she was the only one yet to do it. She decided to try it so they got her a slave and she closed her eyes and shit on him. She felt awkward and had pity on the slave but she shit on him away.

Mistress Roberta does not like slaves who tell her secrets. This one did and he lived to tell of what she did to him. She made sure he would never do it again by using her shit to punish him. She turned him into her human toilet and enjoyed shitting on him. The slave was degraded and he felt like dying but he learned his lesson and never told her secrets again.

Goddess Amirha had told this guy she wanted to try something on him. She knew he had a thing for her and he also told her he wanted to try something on her. They agreed but she insisted on going first. She got on top of him and she shit on him and forced him to eat her shit. He was so degraded that by the time she was done, he did not even have the strength to try what he wanted on her. He just went home.

This mistress was home alone and she had a strong urge to try shit fetish. She did in the kinkiest way she could. She shit and then used the shit to smear himself all over especially her ass. She then used her fingers to finger her asshole. She had a lot of fun with the thing she did. She was exploring her body and she found pleasure zones she never knew existed.

These lesbian mistresses are as kinky as the best of them. They have a passion for adventure and love trying all they can to make things hot and interesting. Today the mistresses were trying shit fetish. They had fun smearing the shit on each other and making out with the shit on their faces. It felt so wrong and so naughty but the mistresses went ahead with it and it turned them on and let to a lot of fun.

This mistress wanted to try scat fetish but before she could try it on a slave, she had to make sure she had perfected her skills first. So she went to the bathroom and practiced all she had wanted to try. She shit on the toilet but did it in such a way that it seemed as if she was doing it to a slave. By the time she actually did it to a slave, it seemed as if she had done it for years.

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