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Mistress Ann was afraid that this guy would jeopardize her mission. He was her slave but she realized that he had gone rogue and she could no longer trust him. Before she released him, she had to get all info out of him. She specifically wanted to know what he knew and who had hired him. When he did not talk, he was fed with shit for an entire day.

All of the ladies are are having Lunch and just snip their Fingers to let the Slave know that he is up for toilet duty so het better be ready and get in the proper position on the floor underneath them. The ladies don't hold back as they snap their fingers and let the shit pour from their asses on top of the slaves faces as they lie underneath them.

Arabian princess Messalina takes a nice long brown shit in her slaves mouth as the servant sticks his head under her pink ass hole as she spreads it open and unloads one right into his open waiting mouth. The slave is led around by the dog collar of his Arabian princess as she spreads her open ass hole and takes a nice hearty shit into the servants open mouth

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