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Mistress Isabella is a cruel one. When she decides to punish a slave, she does it cruelly. Today she felt like punishing her slave and her slave prepared for the worst because he knew how she becomes when she is in that mood. But even after preparing for the worst, the slave was not prepared enough for what she did to him. She turned him into her human toilet and had him eat her shit.

Mistress Lisa had a score to settle with this guy and she wanted to settle it today. She lured him to her house where she took him to the bathroom and used him as her human toilet. She forced him to eat her shit and drink her pee. He could do nothing about it and ate all her shit quickly so that the punishment would be over in a short time.

This ebony mistress does not like shit fetish because of losers or slaves. She likes it for herself. She loves the taste of shit and smell of it unlike many people who are repelled by it. She loves to shit and eat her own shit because it is a product of the food she ate and it is also from her own body. Today she ate it in front of the camera.

Goddess Roberta has a big ass and this guy thought it was funny to make fun of her. She did not like it one bit and she sought to teach him a lesson. He was surprised when she invited him to her house. She was convincing so he followed her but when he reached her house, she turned on him and she punished him cruelly by shitting on him and using the same ass to smother his face.

Mistress Anna loves shit. She is one of the few mistresses who love shit fetish for itself and not as a way to punish or torture or humiliate a loser or a slave. She loves it because it makes her happy and whenever she finds time, she loves to indulge in it. Sometimes she used a slave and makes him eat her shit and sometimes she enjoys it on her own.

Princess Nikki has a sexy butt but she did not know the power it held. Her friends told her to try it and she was skeptical. She decided to give it a try and she was surprised that it worked. She baited a lot of men with it and they took it. She settled on one guy and she got him to eat her shit. That was when she realized her ass had a lot of power behind it.

Goddess Andrea realized her expensive jewelry was missing and she knew her slave must have had something to do with it. She tried to ask politely but he refused. She had to make him talk and she did it by shitting onto a plate and making him eat the shit. She forced him to eat it without touching it with his hands. The poor tried to confess in order to avoid eating the shit but it was too late. She made him eat it then confess.

Goddess Antonella was fascinated by poo fetish and she wanted to try it. She watched all videos of it she could find and when she felt ready, she rented a slave and she did all the nasty things to him. She forced him to eat her shit and she enjoyed watching him chew her shit and then swallow it. She was so into it that she made a point of getting her own slave to be doing that to him daily.

This mistress had a stomach upset which was brought about by the food her slave had made for her. So she did not want to suffer alone. She decided to share the suffering with her slave so she made her slave eat her shit because it was a product of what he had cooked. By the time she was done with him, he knew he had to learn to cook better.

Mistress Gaia does not like to beg for things. This guy was too proud and wanted to be begged to do his job and mistress Gaia was not about to do it. So she devised a way to make him learn that it was his job. She seduced him and flirted with him and once he had taken the bait, she forced him to eat her shit as punishment and he had no choice but to eat the shit.

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