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Lady Jenny has a great ass. But she does not like it fucked like most guys would want to. She instead likes to use it to poop on guys who want to fuck her and those who annoy her and make her angry

Lady Lisa was mad at her slave and for his punishment, she decided to poop on her. She had diarrhoea, which was even better. She ordered the slave to smear himself with her poop and he had no choice

Mistress Gaia is a sexy mistress with her slave on a shit box so she can shit right into his mouth and he is forced to eat every last bite of her creamy load. He is wearing a blindfold so he is not sure when her shit will land into his mouth but he opens his mouth and waits for her shit to fill his mouth so he can eat every last bite.

These three sexy mistresses are hanging out together at their apartment and they only have one toilet slave. They all eat a huge meal in the evening and now it is time to go to bed and all three of the sexy mistresses need to take a shit. These sexy mistresses all take turns sitting down on the portable toilet and they all shit all over his face and make him eat all of their creamy shit.

These sexy Scat Princesses decided to have some fun with their loser slave as they see how much shit he can eat. They all went out and ate a massive meal so that when they came home they would be completely full of shit. These sexy mistresses then take turns shitting into his mouth and making him eat every last bite to see how much shit he can really eat.

This sexy mistress never knows when she might need to use the bathroom and she wants to make sure that she has her slave around. She takes her slave to the Japanese restaurant with her and after she ate a large meal she has to use her human toilet. She makes him lay down on the floor and then squats down over his mouth and pushes out her creamy logs right into his mouth for him to eat them all.

This loser slave does not have a life outside out the bathroom and his entire day is spent laying on the cold bathroom floor waiting for his mistresses to come in and shit on his face. During the evening these sexy mistresses ate a huge meal and he was down on the floor listening to them talk and eat. The next morning the first of the mistresses came in and shit on to his face and made him eat all of her crap.

This toilet slave has spent all day laying on the floor under the portable toilet being the human toilet for a house filled with mistresses as they piss all over him. He thinks he is done for the night when one last mistress walks over to him and takes off her pants and sits down. He sees her puckering asshole as she pushes out her creamy load all over his face and in his mouth.

These sexy mistresses are out at a cottage for 4 days with their toilet slave and he is ready to eat all of their creamy shit. During the first night of eating and drinking this sexy mistress has to take a big shit. This is her first time using a human toilet and she sits down on the portable toilet and starts pushing her creamy load all over her slave. Once she is done she realized she really enjoyed it and can not wait to do it again.

These sexy mistresses are spending some time at their toilet slaves house and they are on their second day there. They start out by eating some breakfast and then have some hot coffee to go with the food. Before long they are ready to take a massive shit so they call their loser toilet slave over! One by one they sit above his face and shit all over his face and into his mouth.

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