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Mistress Gaia does not like to beg for things. This guy was too proud and wanted to be begged to do his job and mistress Gaia was not about to do it. So she devised a way to make him learn that it was his job. She seduced him and flirted with him and once he had taken the bait, she forced him to eat her shit as punishment and he had no choice but to eat the shit.

Princess Mia was mad at this guy for trying to con her money. She did not have much and she had toiled for it and she wanted to invest it wisely. When she realized he was conning her, she punished him so hard that he never tried to con anyone ever again. She turned him into her human toilet and shit on him. She even recorded it to remind him never to be a conman.

Mistress Anna does not care much about her slave. All she cares about is whether or not she has fun. Whenever she wants to try anything, she always uses her slave to do it. Today she wanted to try shit fetish and as usual, her slave was the one she tried it on. She forced him to be a human toilet and she shit on him and forced him to eat her shit.

Mistress Annalise did not like the kind of food her slave had cooked and she wanted to express her displeasure. She wanted him to make more effort to learn how to cook so she had to make sure her punishment would give him the motivation he needed. She took him to the kitchen and she shit on him and he had to eat her shit from a plate and directly from her ass.

Mistress Lisa wanted to have fun at the expense of this guy so she flirted with him and led him to believe that she was into him and that they would have some wild time together. She however wanted to humiliate him and have fun doing it so she lied to him she had a fetish for crazy things before she shit on him and threw up on him. The guy was degraded and never got what he wanted.

Mistress Alina is a naughty mistress and she enjoys doing crazy things in public. Today she was looking innocent as she took a walk. She was dressed in a skirt and it was deliberate given what she wanted to do. She went to someone's fence and she took a dump next to his well taken care of fence. She then went away without any care in the world as if she had not done anything.

Mistress Kaidence loves to have crazy fun. Today she wanted to try a dildo in both her holes. She took a long one and she inserted it in her pussy and after a while, she inserted it in her asshole. It was great and when she removed it, it came out with some shit. It felt naughty and she enjoyed shitting on herself and playing with that shit. It was epic and she did it again.

This mistress had a skin problem and she was broke. She heard that piss and shit were natural medicines for her condition and she wanted to try them since she did not have insurance and she did not have money to go to hospital. So she pissed on herself and smeared her shit all over herself and especially her face where the condition was worse. She did not bother about the smell. She kept her eye on the prize.

Mistress Gaia was in the mood to try something nasty and the longer she thought about it the more she was convinced it was scat fetish she wanted to try. So she got a loser from down the street and shit on the floor and made him eat her shit. She also played with his cock and used her shit as lube to masturbate him. She also made him lick the soles of her shoes.

This guy tried to steal from these mistresses and they punished him like he had never been punished before. The mistresses played along and he thought he had succeeded in conning them and stealing from them but in reality, they were luring him to their house where they took him to the bathroom and shit on him as punishment. He was forced to eat shit and he ate it humiliatingly.

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