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Isabella wanted to learn English and pass her exams because she was a foreigner but this guy did not teach her enough to make her pass so she could go and study abroad. She was pissed off and decided to make him pay for it. She made him lie down and she shit into his mouth and she made him eat it. He had to do as she said or else there would be hell to pay.

Mistress Gaia wanted to toughen up her slave. She decided to use a simple trick - disgust her. She made her lie down and shit on her face

Lady Milena really knows how to be festive for the holidays. She puts on her cute Santa hat and shits on a toilet seat outdoors. Just underneath the toilet seat is Lady Milena's toilet slave. He is waiting with his mouth open for the turds to drop in so he can chew on them and eat them. Shit eating is only part of what he would do for his mistress. He would suffer any type of humiliation just to be close to her.

It was not this slave's lucky day. This mistress wanted to show him what she was all about. She made him eat her shit without any care in the world

This guy wanted to fuck this mistress. She agreed but he did not know she was a scat queen. She made him eat her shit first before they fucked

Alexa sucked this guy's dick. He knew they were going to have crazy sex. But she went and pooped and then fucked him while smelling poop

Taylor wanted to disgust and annoy her boyfriend. So she went to the bathroom and pooped on herself and then called him to see her

I was feeling naughty and wanted to do something outrageous. My slave was my first choice obviously. So I pooped and pissed into a bowl and fed the piss and crap to him

I wanted this slave never to bully others again. So I gave him a punishment that befitted a bully. I pooped into his mouth and used him as my human toilet

This mistress has a scat fetish, and she indulges in it any chance she gets. She fakes toilet breaks and then goes to poop. She likes it especially when she poops a big load of crap that makes her asshole on fire

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