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Mistress Celeste is a sexy blonde mistress that knocks on Mistress Nicole's door and asks to use the toilet. Mistress Nicole then leads her to a slave and tells Mistress Celeste to use him as a human toilet. Mistress Celeste then squats down and uses the slave as a human toilet as she shits and pisses into his open mouth and then covers him with fresh and warm stinky shit.

This sexy brunette mistress is giving her slave the full workout today as she takes and makes him eat a bunch of crap off of the floor. She then makes him take off his shirt and lay underneath of her portable toilet as she takes a shit on to his face and into his open mouth. She also pisses all over his face and makes him swallow her piss and shit.

Mistress Kimberly is a sexy mistress wearing a pair of jeans with a black tank top and a pair of black high heels. She makes her slave lay down on his back on the floor with his shirt off and uses him as her human toilet. She takes and puts her waste in his mouth and makes him swallow it until there is nothing left of her waste like a good toilet.

This toilet is on the job for the second day as he is in the house filled with mistresses that have been pissing all over him the last day. Now they are finished with breakfast and have to take a shit so they work their way to the human toilet. They sit down one by one and cover his face and mouth with their warm fresh shit and piss until they all go.

This sexy mistress takes her ass and puts it in a portable toilet and makes her slave lay underneath of her round sexy ass. She takes her ass and puckers it as she takes and starts pushing her shit out of her sexy ass. Her slave is directly under her tight asshole as she makes the creamy shit land all over her slaves face and nose and into his mouth.

Mistress Jessica is a sexy blonde mistress that is in the bathroom using her slave Joschi as a human toilet. She takes her toilet brush and cleans the toilet with it and then puts it in the slaves mouth and makes him taste the nasty toilet water and waste. She then has to shit and she takes the shit and puts it on some toilet paper and then rubs it all over her slaves body and into his mouth!

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