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Sophia is a mistress who enjoys her own shit. She is not like other mistresses who do it in a crowd or who do it to slaves. She likes to play with her shit while she is in the toilet and no one can disturb her. She likes to do all sorts of things like hold it, smear it and even place it on surfaces and study it for her own enjoyment.

When it comes to shit fetishes, no one is a big fan of it than this mistress. She loves to shit and more than that, she loves to see herself shit. That is why she has a camera in her toilet that records her when she is shitting. She likes it because she is able to watch how shit comes out of her anus. It sort of turns her on.

Isabella wanted to learn English and pass her exams because she was a foreigner but this guy did not teach her enough to make her pass so she could go and study abroad. She was pissed off and decided to make him pay for it. She made him lie down and she shit into his mouth and she made him eat it. He had to do as she said or else there would be hell to pay.

The slave was hungry and wanted a sandwich. The mistress did not mind making him one. She took two slices of bread and put shit in them and fed him

This mistress was tired of shitting in the toilet. She turned her sink into a toilet and enjoyed shitting into it

Other people shit facing away from the cistern. But Goddess Ryan does it the other way round. She likes to do that so that she can video tape her asshole as she shits

Mistress Gaia gets angry pretty quickly and over mundane things. She made her slave eat her shit just for being a few minutes late.

Sophie is a hot girl. But her weird fantasies make her even hotter. She likes experimenting and this time she was trying out a shit fetish. She sat on a chair and shit on herself then masturbated with it

This mistress sat down and thought about the best way to humiliate her slave. Then it occurred to her that she loves her hair. So she shit on her hair as punishment.

Stephi was bored at home when she found out about scat fetishes online. She was excited and wanted to try it. She tried it and it was fun. She spent the whole weekend just shitting in different places in the house.

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